The Art of Crossing a Bridge

Asger Lindgaard, Denmark, 2012

15 min.DK/Short fictionFilm school films

"The Art of Crossing a Bridge" is a Scandinavian film infused with latin spirit about the conflict between our lives and dreams and the rules of the society that surrounds us. Camilo is a creative Cuban wanting to live out his love adventure in Europe with his Danish wife. Due to strange laws and his own ommisions they can¿t live in Denmark, then they can't live in Sweden and finally they can¿t live anywhere. On the verge of giving up he makes a final attempt to take destiny in his own hands, just when a solution turns up out of the blue and he¿s unable to see that he actually got what he wanted.
Basic information Credits
Original title The Art of Crossing a Bridge
Danish title The Art of Crossing a Bridge
Keywords Denmark, Sweden, Immigrants, Marriages, Love, Legislation
Director Asger Lindgaard
Screenplay Jesper Fink, Asger Lindgaard
Producer Jakob A. Albeck
Director of Photography Ivan Molina Carmona
Editor Martin Gleerup
Sound Sune Kaarsberg
Appearance Ricardo Axel Castillo, Christine Albrechtslund, Cecilia Zwick Nash, Marlon Sebastian Nielsen
Production country Denmark
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Production company Aarhus Filmværksted, Stream Productions


Direction Asger Lindgaard


Script Jesper Fink
Screenplay Asger Lindgaard
Script consultant Nikolaj Scherfig
Script supervisor Karina Skovgaard


Producer Jakob A. Albeck
Post-producton coordinator Rune Søndergaard
Location scout Katja Luhanko


Director of Photography Ivan Molina Carmona
Camera assistant Sine Vadstrup Brooker
Camera assistant Christian Bo Pedersen
Camera assistant Jens Lundby Rasmussen

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Tue Bengtsson
Gaffer Mads Køngerskov


Editor Martin Gleerup
Assistant editor Daniel Kolind
Assistant editor Jacob Thorndahl


Music Jørgen Lauritsen

Production design

Art director Nicola Helweg
Set designer Peter R. Andersen
Set dresser Casper Nilsson


Costume on set Leanne Nielsen


Makeup artist Gabriela Uweis
Makeup artist Mille Merian Thybo


Sound designer Sune Kaarsberg
Sound Sigrid D.P. Aalbæk Jensen
Sound Thomas Miksa
Sound Christian Scheuer
Foley artist Kristoffer Salting

Visual effects

Colourist Virgil Kastrup


Camilo Ricardo Axel Castillo
Lis Christine Albrechtslund
Monica Cecilia Zwick Nash
Estéban Marlon Sebastian Nielsen

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