Jørgen Lauritsen

(1966 – )

Title Year Function Category
There is a Border in My Backyard 2021 Music DK/Documentary
Unfair 2017 Composer DK/Short fiction
Swinger 2016 Orchestration DK/Feature
Genetic Me 2014 Music, Music producer DK/Documentary
Tidsrejsen 2014 Orchestration TV series
Mekanikerne 2014 Music DK/Short fiction
4Reality 2013 Composer DK/Short fiction
The Hunt 2013 Music mixer DK/Feature
The Art of Crossing a Bridge 2012 Music DK/Short fiction
As You Were 2012 Composer DK/Short fiction
Going Nowhere 2011 Composer DK/Short fiction
Super brother 2009 Conductor DK/Feature
RePlay 2008 Composer DK/Short fiction
The Smell of Hair 2007 Music DK/Short fiction
Schhhh! 2006 Music DK/Short fiction
Strings 2004 Music DK/Feature
Cirkus 2004 Music DK/Short fiction
Anja after Victor 2003 Musical orchestration DK/Feature
The Jungle Book 2 2003 Singing director Feature
Piglet's Big Movie 2003 Danish version: Sanne Graulund Feature
Brother Bear 2003 Singing director, Singing director: Danish version Feature
It's All About Love 2002 Orchestra DK/Feature