Det sorte kapitel

Maya Albana, Denmark, 2019

59 min.DK/Documentary

Jeannette Ehlers is an artist and her entire work is concerned with the concept of structural racism. For instance, she did a performance and a video constellation in which she wears African inspired makeup and is whipping a canvas with black charcoal.
But she wasn’t always like this. Director Maya Albana, whose father is from Malaysia, has known Jeanette most of her life. As children and teenagers they had much in common in that both of them had a dark-skinned father and a white mother. These were ties that bound them together in the 80s in the suburbs, and Jeannette and Maya would lovingly refer to each other as ”the Negro” and ”the Asian” - until one day Jeanette decided to put a stop to all that.
Jeannette got to know her father when she was 15. He was from the Caribbean, descendant of enslaved Africans, who were shipped out from Ghana. As the centennial for the abolition of slavery approaches, Jeannette decides to construct a monument – a gigantic statue of the female rebel Queen Mary. She was one of the main rebel leaders in one of the first Danish labour revolts, an uprising called Fireburn. The revolt aimed to change the horrific/inhumane living conditions of the plantation workers.
Maya follows Jeanette on this journey, camera ready, in an attempt to uncover where Jeannette’s black consciousness might come from – and how it arose.
Basic information Credits
Original title Det sorte kapitel
Danish title Det sorte kapitel
Keywords Denmark, Denmark''s history, Colonialism, West Indies, The, Slavery, Africans, Memorials, I Am Queen Mary, Artists, Ehlers, Jeannette, Personal history, Belle, La Vaughn
Director Maya Albana
Producer Helle Faber
Director of Photography Nicki Sørensen, Emil Langballe, Henrik B. Ipsen, Maya Albana, Sarah Jane Del Castillo Jonassen, Amdi Brøner
Editor Line Schou
Sound Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
Composer Troels Abrahamsen
Appearance Jeanette Ehlers, Maya Albana, La Vaughn Belle, Noor Nørgaard Albana
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company
Executive Producer Made in Copenhagen ApS
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, DR K
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Maya Albana


Producer Helle Faber
Production manager Carina Åkerlund
Production assistant Henriette Kræmer
Research Rikke Ammitzbøll Nielsen
Research Frederik Nielbo


Cinematographer Nicki Sørensen
Cinematographer Emil Langballe
Cinematographer Henrik B. Ipsen
Cinematographer Maya Albana
Cinematographer Sarah Jane Del Castillo Jonassen
Cinematographer Amdi Brøner


Editor Line Schou


Composer Troels Abrahamsen


Sound designer Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
Sound assistant Jason Cameron

Visual effects

Online and colorgrading Adam Bendixen
Graphic design Paul Wilson
Graphic design Nadja Rasmussen


Appearance Jeanette Ehlers
Appearance Maya Albana
Appearance La Vaughn Belle
Appearance Noor Nørgaard Albana
Appearance Rita Starinsky von der Recke Ehlers
Appearance Roy Clement Pollard
Appearance Peter Michael Hornung
Appearance Marianne Jelved
Appearance Lars Løkke Rasmussen
Appearance Ulla Tofte
Appearance Rene Fredensborg
Appearance Hella Joof
Appearance Fenar Ahmad
Appearance Maren Uthaug
Appearance Nikolaj Recke
Appearance Henrik Holm
Appearance Michael Wilson
Appearance Nina Cramer
Appearance Yong Sun Gullach
Appearance NswNeb KaRa AsarRa KasaamsuRa Herishetapaheru
Appearance Genevieve Whitaker
Appearance Vincent Starinsky von der Recke Ehlers
Appearance Liva Cuenca von der Recke Beckmann
Appearance Bjarne Lynge Nielsen
Appearance Gudrun Marie Schmidt
Appearance Jakob Jørgensen
Appearance Bo Rasmussen

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