Hella Joof

(1962 – )

Actress and director. Born 1/11 1962, Denmark. Graduated in acting from Odense Drama School, 1990.

Hella Joof has made appearances on stage, television and in film. She co-hosted the children's TV program, 'Bullerfnis' (1990-1992) with great success. Along with Peter Frödin, Paprika Steen and Martin Brygmann, she formed the musical-satirical theatre group 'Lex og Klatten,' later 'Det brune punktum' (without Steen), producing several popular stage shows, televsion shows and CD releases.

As a film actor, she has mostly played comic supporting roles: The funny girlfriend in Thomas Vinterberg's 'The Greatest Heroes' (1996) the raw policewoman in Wikke & Rasmussen's 'Hannibal & Jerry' (1997) and the hypercorrect adoption case worker in Susanne Bier's 'The One and Only' (1999).

Social satire and self-irony in relation to subjects like gender roles, ethnic minorities, media and the Danish cultural scene characterizes both her performances and her directorial work.

Joof made her feature film debut with the romantic comedy 'Shake It All About,' (2001), which was a hit at the boxoffice. So were her following films 'Oh Happy Day' (2004), 'Easy Skanking' (2006), 'Almost Perfect' (2012), 'All Inclusive' (2014) and 'Happy Ending' (2018). Films mixing broad humour with a serious core dealing with relationships and contemporary issues like sexuality, modern family structures and divorce.
Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
The Land of Short Sentences 2023 Direction DK/Feature
All For Four 2022 Appearance DK/Feature
Det sorte kapitel 2019 Appearance DK/Documentary
Happy Ending 2018 Direction DK/Feature
Circleen, Coco and The Wild Rhinoceros 2018 Moren DK/Feature
Splitting Up Together 2016 Direction TV series
Fra kolonimagt til kolonihavemagt 2015 Appearance TV series
All Inclusive 2014 Direction DK/Feature
Bankerot 2014 Skolepsykolog TV series
Woolfert 2013 Voice DK/Short fiction
Almost Perfect 2012 Direction DK/Feature
The talent thief 2012 Appearance DK/Feature
Anstalten 2011 Direction, Sonja TV series
Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage 2010 Rita Feature
Hush Little Baby 2009 Direction, Screenplay DK/Feature
Album 2008 Direction TV series
Linas kvällsbok 2007 Direction Feature
Fidibus 2006 Direction, Screenplay DK/Feature
The ugly duckling and me 2006 Doris DK/Feature
Hjerteflimmer 2006 Sarahs klient TV series
Rene hjerter 2006 Executive producer DK/Feature
Oh Happy Day 2004 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Normalerweize 2004 Appearance TV series
En som Hodder 2003 Skolepsykolog DK/Feature
Humørkortstativsælgerens søn 2002 Bolette, hans eks-kæreste DK/Feature
Shake it all about 2001 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Blyppernes første år 1999 Vivi TV series
Constance 1999 Constances stemme DK/Feature
The One and Only 1999 Dame fra adoptionsnævnet DK/Feature
Mimi and the movers 1998 Pernille DK/Feature
Election Night 1998 Kvinde DK/Short fiction
Sinans bryllup 1997 Puk DK/Short fiction
Hannibal & Jerry 1997 Hell, politidame DK/Feature
Far, mor og Blyp 1996 Appearance TV series
The Greatest Heroes 1996 Eva DK/Feature
Stormfulde hjerter 1994 Appearance TV film
Snooks in the Limelight 1994 Ditte DK/Feature
Gennem lydmuren 1993 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Bullerfnis 1990 Appearance TV series