All For Four

Rasmus Heide, Denmark, 2022

86 min.DK/Feature

Brothers Timo and Ralf are enjoying their life of petty crime and small time hustling, when Timo’s girlfriend Lonnie suddenly joins the local jogging club alongside charming and handsome Peter, because she has decided to make the most of life. For the sake of keeping his family together, Timo needs to do something – and fast. According to a quick round of research into the needs and wants of women, Timo reckons that a romantic wedding at a luxurious manor house should be able to do the trick. Problem is, they are not exactly free of cost. Luckily little brother Ralf has come up with his very first plan for a heist! Seeing no other option available to him, Timo agrees to give it a shot. Unfortunately, rather than the ten thousand sure-to-be-a-winner scratch cards he expected, Timo ends up with a crazy scooter chase, 50.000 aggressive bees and the world’s biggest wedgie. When Peter the jogger invites Lonnie for a weekend getaway, the romantic mansion wedding is seriously compromised, and Timo has to enroll both ex-copper Martin and the suddenly lovestruck Ralph to help with their most outrageous heist so far …
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title Alle for fire
Danish title Alle for fire
Director Rasmus Heide
Screenplay Rasmus Heide, Mick Øgendahl
Producer Tomas Radoor
Director of Photography Rasmus Heise
Editor Martin Bønsvig Wehding
Sound Peter Kofoed, Nino Jacobsen
Composer Mikkel Hess, Rasmus Bille Bähncke
Production designer Jacob Stig Olsson
Appearance Mick Øgendahl, Anders W. Berthelsen, Jon Lange, Stephania Potalivo
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S
Danish theatrical release 11.08.2022
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Nordisk Film Production
With support from YouSee, Det Danske Filminstitut
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S


Direction Rasmus Heide
2nd assistant director Jonas Pape
Continuity Caroline Uggerhøj
Extras coordinator Maria Lundedal


Screenplay Rasmus Heide
Screenplay Mick Øgendahl


Producer Tomas Radoor
Associate producer Ditte Juel
Executive producer Henrik Zein
Executive producer Mick Øgendahl
Executive producer Rasmus Heide
Line producer Karina Kirkeby
Unit manager Anders Barlebo
Post Producer Mette Høst Hansen
Production manager Louise Kjær Kuscu
Production coordinator Fie Gehrs Madsen
Producer''s assistant Nikoline Kyhe Gundersen
Production assistant Fie Sydbøge


Cinematographer Rasmus Heise


Editor Martin Bønsvig Wehding


Composer Mikkel Hess
Composer Rasmus Bille Bähncke

Production design

Production designer Jacob Stig Olsson


Key costumer Pia Myrdal


Chief makeup artist Henrik Steen


Sound engineer Peter Kofoed
Sound designer Nino Jacobsen


Ralf Mick Øgendahl
Timo Anders W. Berthelsen
Martin Jon Lange
Appearance Stephania Potalivo
Lonnie Rikke Louise Andersson
Toke Gordon Kennedy
Appearance Ulf Pilgaard
Appearance Lars Ranthe
Appearance Hella Joof
Appearance Rasmus Botoft

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