Nino Jacobsen

(1963 – )

Title Year Function Category
The Sweetest Gift 2022 Sound designer DK/Feature
All For Four 2022 Sound designer DK/Feature
Little Allan – The Human Antenna 2022 Dialogue recording DK/Feature
Fathers and Mothers 2022 Sound designer DK/Feature
The Bombardment 2021 Sound designer DK/Feature
The Marco Effect 2021 Sound editor, ADR editor DK/Feature
Scandinavian Star (overview) 2020 Sound designer Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star 2:6 - The Disaster 2020 Sound designer Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star 1:6 2020 Sound designer Series (documentary)
Before the Frost 2019 Sound designer, Mixer DK/Feature
DNA 2019 Sound designer TV series
Queen of Hearts 2019 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Until We Fall 2019 Dialogue editor DK/Feature
Daniel 2019 Recording engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
The Way to Mandalay 2018 Sound designer, Mixer DK/Feature
Checkered Ninja 2018 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Small Town Killers 2017 Sound designer, Sound engineer DK/Feature
Den anden side 2017 Mixer DK/Documentary
Jätten 2017 Sound effect editor Feature
Follow the Money 2016 Sound designer TV series
Men & Chicken 2015 Sound designer DK/Feature
1864 2014 Sound designer, Supervising sound editor TV series
1864 - brødre i krig 2014 Sound designer, Additional music, Supervising sound editor DK/Feature
Father of Four 2014 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Dicte 1 2013 Sound engineer: post-production TV series
Borgen 3 2013 Sound designer TV series
Those who kill - Shadow of the past 2012 Sound designer DK/Feature
Jensen & Jensen 2011 Sound designer DK/Feature
Those who kill 2011 Sound designer TV series
Ronal Barbaren 2011 Re-recording mixer, Additional sound DK/Feature
Far til fire - på japansk 2010 Sound engineer, Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Fri os fra det onde 2009 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Storm 2009 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Karla og Katrine 2009 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Tempelriddernes skat III - Mysteriet om slangekronen 2008 Sound: post production DK/Feature
The candidate 2008 Sound engineer DK/Feature
The Substitute 2007 Sound DK/Feature
Kærlighed på film 2007 Sound, Sound mixer DK/Feature
The Killing 2007 Sound TV series
Tempelriddernes skat II 2007 Sound designer DK/Feature
Tempelriddernes skat 2006 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Lotto 2006 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Offscreen 2006 B-sound engineer: mix DK/Feature
Adam''s Apples 2005 Sound designer, Sound mixer DK/Feature
Young Andersen 2005 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Lost and Found 2005 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Father of Four 2005 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Allegro 2005 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Accused 2005 B-sound engineer: mix DK/Feature
Fakiren fra Bilbao 2004 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Better Times 2004 Sound editor TV series
En som Hodder 2003 Sound DK/Feature
The Green Butchers 2003 Sound: post production DK/Feature
Stealing Rembrandt 2003 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Reconstruction 2003 Sound mixer DK/Feature
I Am Dina 2002 Sound Feature
Gamle mænd i nye biler 2002 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Hjerteafdelingen 2002 Sound TV series
Jolly Roger 2001 Sound, Sound editor DK/Feature
The Serbian Dane 2001 Sound TV film
Her i nærheden 2000 Sound DK/Feature
Flickering Lights 2000 Sound DK/Feature
Unit 1 2000 Sound editor TV series
Dybt vand 1999 Sound mixer TV film
Under overfladen 1998 Sound DK/Feature
On our own 1998 Sound DK/Feature
Tifanfaya 1998 Sound DK/Short fiction
A Regular Thing 1998 Sound DK/Short fiction
Nightwatch 1998 Sound mixer Feature
Cardboard dog 1996 Sound DK/Short fiction
Bilka 1996 Sound, Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Café Hector 1996 Sound mixer DK/Short fiction
Charlot og Charlotte 1996 Sound engineer TV series
Ka'' du sige mor? 1996 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Operation Cobra 1995 Sound: post production DK/Feature
Ord 1994 Sound DK/Documentary
Frihedens skygge 1994 Sound TV series
Pretty Boy 1993 Sound DK/Feature
Black Harvest 1993 Sound DK/Feature
Mand, slap dog af 1992 Editing DK/Short fiction
Fra sol til sukker 1992 Sound DK/Documentary
The Return 1992 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Cecilia 1991 Sound TV film
10:32 - A Love Story 1991 Sound DK/Short fiction
Kisteglad 1991 Sound DK/Short fiction
Et andet sted 1990 Sound DK/Short fiction
Bud - iagttagelse fra en bil med radio Sound, Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Domstol - iagttagelse fra en bil med radio Sound, Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Gennemgang - iagttagelse fra en bil med radio Sound, Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Afsat - iagttagelse fra en bil med radio Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Karavane - iagttagelse fra en bil med radio Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Karossen - iagttagelser fra en bil med radio Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Klatvask - iagttagelse fra en bil med radio Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Ståsted I Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Ståsted II Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Tilbageblik Sound engineer DK/Documentary