Checkered Ninja

82 min.DK/FeatureChildren's films, Animation

A possessed checkered ninja doll teams up with teenage boy Alex to avenge the murder of a poor child factory worker. The checkered ninja helps Alex vanquish the school bully and score the love of his life, while Alex teaches him that bloody revenge isn’t better than bloody crime.
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title Ternet Ninja
Danish title Ternet Ninja
Director Anders Matthesen, Thorbjørn Christoffersen
Screenplay Anders Matthesen
Producer Trine Heidegaard, Anders Mastrup
Editor Kristian Håskjold
Sound Oskar Skriver, Bo Asdal Andersen
Composer Christian Vinten
Production country Denmark
Danish audio description Yes
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S
International sales LevelK
Danish theatrical release 25.12.2018
Comment Selected for competition at Annecy. The animation film was a record-breaking hit at local cinemas, becoming the best-selling film in decades. Creator and co-director Anders Matthesen was also behind the 2004 animation hit ’Terkel in Trouble’.
DFI subsidy Markedsordningen
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company
Executive Producer A. Film Production
Co-production Sudoku, Pop Up Production
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
In collaboration with DR, Nordisk Film
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S


Direction Anders Matthesen
Direction Thorbjørn Christoffersen
Technical director: animation Jakob Steffensen
Director: animation Thorbjørn Christoffersen
Technical director: animation Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Technical director Troels Christoffersen


Screenplay Anders Matthesen
Storyboard Mads Juul
Storyboard Thorbjørn Christoffersen
Storyboard Mads Themberg
Storyboard Benjamin Agersted
Storyboard Lars Hummelshøj
Storyboard Bille Storm Andersen


Producer Trine Heidegaard
Producer Anders Mastrup
Executive producer Cemille Matthesen
Line producer Trine Heidegaard
Production manager Paulina Sundén
Production manager Niclas Caroc Warner
Post-production supervisor Lise Ann Mangino
Post-production supervisor Trine Heidegaard
Studio manager Lise Ann Mangino
Studio assistant Britt Larsson
Production manager: England Kristel Toldsepp
Post-producton coordinator Maggie Winther Hansen
System administrator Hans Perk

Electrical dept.

Lighting supervisor Niels Grønlykke
Lighting supervisor Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Best boy Ida Hove-Kreutzfeldt
Best boy Troels Christoffersen


Editor Kristian Håskjold
Avid technician Hans Perk
Assistant editor Mathias Helmuth Mortensen
Trailer editor Kristian Håskjold


Composer Christian Vinten
Songs Anders Matthesen
Music supervisor Saqib Hassan

Production design

Art director Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen


Sound designer Oskar Skriver
Sound designer Bo Asdal Andersen
Dialogue recording Matias la Cour
Dialogue recording Oskar Skriver
Dialogue recording Lasse Joen Sørensen
Foley artist Torben Greve
Foley recordist Nino Jacobsen
Sound assistant Christian Dalsgaard
Sound assistant Anders Ankerstjerne
Sound assistant Johannes Rose
Trailer sound design Thomas Huus


Aske Alfred Bjerre Larsen
Jessica Emma Sehested Høeg
Alle andre roller Anders Matthesen

Visual effects

VFX Jakob Steffensen
VFX Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Render wrangler Troels Christoffersen
Render wrangler Ida Hove-Kreutzfeldt
Compositing Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Pipeline developer Jakob Steffensen
Colourist Niels Grønlykke
Colourist Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
VFX animator Bille Storm Andersen
Compositing Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Graphic design Ole Nissen
Graphic design Lars Schmidt
Graphic design Benjamin Agersted
Colourist Peter Diemar
Digital mastering Thomas Caspersen
Digital mastering Jens Lilledal Sørensen
Title design Simon Engstrøm


Character design Thorbjørn Christoffersen
Location design Bille Storm Andersen
Layout Thorbjørn Christoffersen
Layout Kåre Pelle
Layout Ida Hove-Kreutzfeldt
Layout Stine Sørensen
Layout Stine Marie Buhl
Character model supervisor Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Character modelling Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Character modelling Björn Pedersen
Character blendshapes Björn Pedersen
Hair modelling Simon Dilling Hansen
Character rigging Søren Kærn
Cloth simulation Jakob Steffensen
Set modelling Bille Storm Andersen
Set modelling Sten Mesterton
Set modelling Troels Christoffersen
Prop modelling Kåre Pelle
Prop modelling Bille Storm Andersen
Prop modelling Troels Christoffersen
Prop modelling Ida Hove-Kreutzfeldt
Prop rigging Kåre Pelle
Prop rigging Søren Kærn
Prop rigging Bille Storm Andersen
Character animation Stine Sørensen
Character animation Rasmus Nyhus Hansen
Character animation Stine Marie Buhl
Character animation Björn Pedersen
Character animation Tue Toft Sørensen
Character animation Claus Darholt
Character animation Rókur Heinason Heinesen
Character animation Karen Molin
Crowd animation Karen Molin
Crowd animation Claus Darholt
Camera animation Thorbjørn Christoffersen
Shading Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Shading Troels Christoffersen
Shading Sten Mesterton
Shading Bille Storm Andersen
Shading Simon Dilling Hansen
Character animation Benjamin Agersted
Layout Thorbjørn Christoffersen
Animation supervisor Meelis Arulepp

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