Björn Pedersen

Title Year Function Category
Raggie 2019 Character modelling, Character blendshapes Feature
Hugo & Holger 2019 Animator DK/Short fiction
Up and Away 2018 Animation supervisor DK/Feature
Luis and The Aliens 2018 Character animation Feature
Checkered Ninja 2018 Character modelling, Character blendshapes, Character animation DK/Feature
The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear 2017 Character model supervisor, Character blendshapes DK/Feature
Albert 2015 Character model supervisor, Character blendshapes, Character animation DK/Feature
The Olsen Gang in Deep Trouble 2013 Character modelling, Character blendshapes, Animation DK/Feature
Piggy 2012 Character design, Rigger, Blendshapes DK/Short fiction
Olsen Gang gets polished 2010 Character modelling, Digital layout and blocking, Character blendshapes, Character animation DK/Feature
Niko & the way to the stars 2008 Character design: Denmark Feature
Jungledyret Hugo 3 - fræk, flabet og fri 2007 Character blendshapes DK/Feature
The ugly duckling and me 2006 Animation supervisor, Character blendshapes DK/Feature
Help! I'm a fish 2000 CGI DK/Feature
The monkeys and the secret weapon 1995 Assistant animator DK/Feature