90 min.FeatureChildren's films, Animation

Ruby is turning 6 and life is lovely. Until Mark, her beloved brother, goes back to school. Mark tries to comfort his younger sister, by making her a doll - Raggie. It´s a charming companion, and on top of that, Raggie comes to „life.“ Now, Ruby only has eyes for her new friend, and this causes problems between sister and brother. Raggie feels guilty, and decides to leave the family hoping that this move will bring the siblings back together. When Mark realizes that Ruby will go through fire and ice in order to find her doll, he decides to join her on the rescue mission. Together they manage to save Raggie and finally Mark accepts his sister´s vivid imagination. Ruby and Mark are reunited.
Basic information Credits
Original title Raggie
Danish title Ida og Pjalte
Director Karsten Kiilerich, Meelis Arulepp
Screenplay Karsten Kiilerich, Aina Järvine
Producer Kristel Toldsepp, Anders Mastrup
Production designer Uwe Saegner, Meelis Arulepp, Sten Mesterton
Production country Estonia, Denmark
Domestic distribution Copenhagen Bombay
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Production company
Executive Producer A. Film Estonia
Co-production A. Film Production
With support from Estonian Film Institute, Det Danske Filminstitut, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Creative Europe
Domestic distribution Copenhagen Bombay


Direction Karsten Kiilerich
Direction Meelis Arulepp
Voice director Karsten Kiilerich
Voice director Steffen Addington
Assistant director Aina Järvine


Screenplay Karsten Kiilerich
Screenplay Aina Järvine
Storyboard Meelis Arulepp
Storyboard Mads Juul
Consultant Tom Abrams
Consultant Aare Toikka


Producer Kristel Toldsepp
Producer Anders Mastrup
Line producer Lise Ann Mangino
Production manager Paulina Sundén
Production assistant Kaili Lehtemaa
System administrator Hans Perk


Music Ewert Sundja
Music Liina Sumera

Production design

Production designer Uwe Saegner
Production designer Meelis Arulepp
Production designer Sten Mesterton


Pjalte Jesper Asholt
Ida Ella Daisy Anthony-Collins
Mark Louis Næss-Schmidt
Mor/Rottemor/Måne Rebecca Rønde Kiilerich
Far/Rottedreng Tom Jensen
Bedste Vigga Bro
Vicky/Christel Mellanie Siff Ahrens
Mathias Malik Hansen Addington
Fugl/Rottepige/kvinde i taxa Mia Lerdam
Taxachauffør/Rottefar Peter Zhelder

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Jakob Steffensen
Lighting supervisor Niels Grønlykke


Character modelling Kenneth Vandel
Character modelling Björn Pedersen
Character blendshapes Björn Pedersen
Set modelling supervisor Sten Mesterton
Prop modelling Kåre Pelle
Character rigging Søren Kærn
Additional animation Simone Skorstad

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