Help! I'm a fish

80 min.DK/FeatureChildren's films, Animation

Adventure about three children, Fly, Stella and Chuck, who set off on a fishing trip and end up in cranky professor Mac Krill's laboratory. The professor believes that the continents will soon become submerged, so he is working on a potion that will make it possible for humans to live under water. Fly's younger sister Stella accidentally drinks the potion and is transformed into a starfish and floats to the bottom of the sea. The two boys set off in pursuit of Stella, Fly in the form of a fish, and Chuck as a jellyfish. They have exactly 48 hours to find Fly's sister and the antidote, or else all three will remain fish for the rest of their lives. The story takes a dramatic turn when the pilot fish Joe, who has spent all his life as the underdog for a monster shark, obtains the antidote, a potion which also endows fish with human intelligence. Fly and Chuck have met with an enormous obstacle, but with their ingenuity and courage they might just succeed.
Basic information Credits Music Materials
Original title Hjælp! Jeg er en fisk
Danish title Hjælp! Jeg er en fisk
International titles Hilfe! Ich bin ein Fisch
Director Stefan Fjeldmark, Michael Hegner
Screenplay Stefan Fjeldmark, Karsten Kiilerich, John Stefan Olsen
Producer Anders Mastrup, Russell Boland, Eberhard Junkersdorf
Editor Per Risager
Composer Søren Hyldgaard
Casting Kevin Scott, Michael Donovan, John Hubbard, Ros Hubbard
Production country Denmark, Germany, Ireland
Dialogue language Danish
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution
International sales PID Producers International Distribution
Technical info 2197 meter, 35 mm, Widescreen, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 06.10.2000
Cinemas Palads, Lyngby, Scala, Gladsaxe Bio, Værløse Bio, BioCity (Tåstrup), Kastrup Bio, Ballerup, Albertslund Bio, CinemaxX samt Århus (to biografer), Odense (tre biografer), Aalborg, Esbjerg, Herning, Holstebro, Fredericia, Horsens, Kolding, Randers, Silkeborg, Vejle, Viborg, Thisted, Haderslev, Aabenraa, Nykøbing M, Sønderborg, Grenaa, Skive, Frederikshavn, Grindsted, Hornslet, Malling, Ribe, Varde, Tønder, Middelfart, Nyborg, Svendborg, Helsingør, Roskilde, Kalundborg, Holbæk, Næstved, Slagelse, Stenløse, Allerød, Birkerød, Køge, Frederiksværk, Nykøbing F, Nakskov, Klovborg og Fakse.
DFI subsidy 60 / 40 støtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company A. Film
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution


Direction Stefan Fjeldmark
Direction Michael Hegner
Casting Kevin Scott
Director: sequences Paul J. Bolger
Director: sequences Jürgen Richter
Voice director Michael Donovan
Voice director Michael Hegner
Casting Michael Donovan
Casting John Hubbard
Casting Ros Hubbard


Screenplay Stefan Fjeldmark
Screenplay Karsten Kiilerich
Screenplay John Stefan Olsen
Story Stefan Fjeldmark
Story Karsten Kiilerich
Extra dialogue Tracy Brown
Storyboard artist Rune Brandt Bennicke
Storyboard artist Stefan Fjeldmark
Storyboard artist Michael Helmuth Hansen
Storyboard artist Dan Harder
Storyboard artist Robert Coo
Storyboard artist Tomas Landgreen
Storyboard artist Frank Madsen
Storyboard artist Martin Madsen
Storyboard artist Jesper Møller
Storyboard artist Thomas Møller
Storyboard artist Thomas Nøhr
Storyboard artist Jan Solheim


Executive producer Gerry Shirren
Executive producer Christoph Sieciechowicz
Executive producer Harro von Have
Co-executive producer Patrick Daleiden
Co-executive producer Brian J. Flynn
Co-executive producer Poul Kofod
Co-executive producer Preben Vridstoft
Producer Anders Mastrup
Producer Russell Boland
Producer Eberhard Junkersdorf
Line producer Helle Hansen
Line producer: Germany Lilian Klages
Line producer Søren Poulsen
Line producer Carolin Grosser
Production manager Irene Sparre Hjorthøj
Production manager Tiffany Maberley
Production manager Moira Murphy
Production manager John Phelan
Post-production supervisor Uli Schön


Editor Per Risager
Additional editing Jesper W. Nielsen


Composer Søren Hyldgaard
Composer: songs Jesper Winge Leisner
Composer: songs Anders Juhl
Composer: songs Lars Juhl
Composer: songs Jacob Eriksen
Composer: songs Peter Fernando

Production design

Art director Matthias Lechner
Set designer Manuel Arenas Cofino
Set designer José Martinez


Sound Friedrich M. Dosch
Dolby consultant Graham Edmundson
ADR supervisor Andre Jacquemin
Foley editor Andreas Kongsgaard Mogensen
Re-recording mixer Vladan Korac
Re-recording mixer Michael Kranz
Foley artist Julien Naudin
Supervising sound editor Stig Sparre-Ulrich
Sound effect editor Christoph von Schönburg
Dolby consultant Mark Kenna
Re-recording mixer Benni Christiansen
Sound coordinator: post-production Susanne Bonfils
Sound coordinator: post-production Manni Gläser


Joe Nis Bank-Mikkelsen
Professor Mac Krell Søren Sætter-Lassen
Plum Morten Kerrn Nielsen
Svip Sebastian Jessen
Stella Pil Neja
Krabben Ulf Pilgaard
Hajen Dick Kaysø
Moderen Paprika Steen
Faderen Peter Gantzler
Tante Anna Ghita Nørby
Buschaufføren Zlatko Buric
Sasha Louise Fribo
Fladfisken Martin Brygmann

Visual effects

CGI supervisor Jesper Colding-Jørgensen
CGI Thomas Colding-Jørgensen
CGI Emanuele D'Arrigo
CGI Christian Faber
CGI Andreas Gutman
CGI Peter Holm
CGI Dorian Knapp
CGI Tomas Landgreen
CGI Heiko Lueg
CGI Martin Matzeder
CGI Björn Pedersen
CGI Tobias Thorsen
CGI Nicolai Tuma
Colorstyler Teddy Halkier Kristiansen
Digital effects Maryam Sharifi
Digital compositing Hans Lindemüller
Digital compositing Katja Schumann
Digital compositing Holger Fiala
Digital compositing Olaf Seywalda
Digital compositing Fabian Sievert
Digital compositing Dorte Bengtson


Set modelling Alessandro Carloni
Layout José Martinez
Compositor Maryam Sharifi
Effect animation Anders Berthelsen
Effect animation José Antonio Garcia Villameriel
Effect animation Michael Ho
Effect animation Kim Hagen Jensen
Effect animation Noel Kiernan
Effect animation Claudio Pacciarella
Effect animation Volker Pajatsch
Effect animation Albert Price
Effect animation Sam Siahaija
Effect animation Mike Smith
Effect animation Glenn Whiting
Lead animator Jesper Møller
Lead animator Christian Kuntz
Lead animator Michael Helmuth Hansen
Lead animator Padraig Collins
Lead animator Luca Fattore
Lead animator Alessandro Carloni
Lead animator Jeffrey James Varab
Lead animator Gabriele Pennacchioli
Lead animator Luca Mazzoleri
Animator Meelis Arulepp
Animator Rune Brandt
Animator Anna Gellert Abelin
Animator Ilan W. Hatukah
Animator Jørgen Lerdam
Animator Martin Madsen
Animator Dan Harder
Animator Claudio Acciari
Animator Chris Bradley
Animator Alberto Campos
Animator Luba Medekova Klein
Animator Holger Leihe
Animator Greg Manwaring
Animator Mario Moraro
Animator Maurizio Parimbelli
Animator Sam Siahaija
Animator Antigoni Triantaffilou
Animator Florian Wagner
Animator Nadine Westerbarkey
Animator Javi Martin
Animator José Sánchez Alonso
Animator Silvia Hoefnagels
Animator Marcos Correa
Animator Gema García Ingelmo
Animator Chris Derochie
Animator Celine Kieman
Animator Juan Torres García
Animator Paddy Malone
Animator Niall Mooney
Animator Maximino Díaz Gerveno
Animator Leon Gruizinga
Animator Fernando Moro
Animator Carmen González Gómez
Animator Niall O'Loughlin
Animator Miguel A. Alaminos Hódar
Animator Jean Texier
Animator Ray Woods
Animator Francisco Alaminos Hódar
Character design Gunhild Rød
Character design Herle Kühl
Character design Berit Kjøde
Character design Darren Kordich
Character design Søren Jacobsen
Character design Jørgen E. Hansen
Character design Leona Nordstrøm Valentin
Character design Jörg Volk
Character design Valentina D'Ambrosio
Character design Claudia Sturli
Layout supervisor Matthias Lechner
Layout Manuel Arenas Cofino
Layout Walter van Gasse
Layout Jens Møller
Layout Eddie Gribbon
Layout John Byrne
Layout Mark Byrne
Layout Des Duggan
Layout Ger Miley
Layout Darren Nesbitt
Layout Chris Scully
Layout Martin Hanley
Layout Richard Dolan
Layout Sharon Smith
Layout Vladimir Todorov
Layout Neal Petty
Layout Panagiotis Rappas
Background designer Peter Popken
Background designer Walter Kössler
Background designer Erik Fokkens
Background designer Daniela Raisig
Background designer Inge Daveloose
Background designer Charlotte Houwing
Background designer Thomas Dreyer
Background designer Claire Wright
Background designer Rick Bentham
Background designer Stephen Robinson
Background designer Jim Hickey
Background designer Henry Lee
Background designer Mary Lin
Background designer Vincent Lin
Background designer Paul Young
Background designer Michael Lin
Background designer Natalia Mikhailova
Background designer Vladimir Mikhaikov
Background designer Alexei Prouzhansky
Background designer Henri Oumansky
Assistant animator Stine Marie Buhl
Assistant animator Lisbeth Bøgh
Assistant animator Uffe Danielsen
Assistant animator Mette Fenger
Assistant animator Thomas Fenger
Assistant animator Kari Gunnarsson
Assistant animator Tinna Jespersen
Assistant animator Malene Laugesen
Animation supervisor Dorte Westh Lehmann
Assistant animator Maiken Rix
Animation Janus Sorgenfrey
Assistant animator Nana Storm
Assistant animator Rigmor Tokerød

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