Jesper W. Nielsen

(1962 – )

Born 1962, Denmark. Graduated in editing from the National Film School of Denmark, 1986. Has made a number of short films and feature films. Received the critics' appraisal for his original approach to drama for children and young people, demonstrated in the feature film 'Little Big Sister' (1998), which won the Jury's Special Commendation at Cinekid Amsterdam.

He has created a series of short films for children: 'The Bogey Man' (1995), 'The Noodle Poop' (1997) and the awardwinning 'Southern Comfort' (1997). The latter two were subsequently transformed into the feature-length 'Little Big Sister'. Jesper W. Nielsen's third feature film, 'Okay' (2002), was a critics' favourite as well as a boxoffice hit and winner at Locarno.

W. Nielsen since worked nationally as well as abroad, directing several feature films and tv-series. He also served as editor and screenwriter on occasion. Among other things, he directed season 2 and 3 of the popular Danish TV series 'Borgen', season one of 'The Seaside Hotel', season 2 of 'Dicte' and 'Greyzone'. His feature film 'The Day Will Come' (2016) won 6 Danish Robert awards and one Danish Bodil award. In 2019 he adapted Danish author Christian Jungersen's best seller 'The Exception'.
Title Year Function Category
The Exception 2020 Direction DK/Feature
Greyzone 2018 Direction TV series
The Day Will Come 2016 Direction DK/Feature
Dicte 2 2014 Direction TV series
The Seaside Hotel 1 2013 Direction TV series
Borgen 3 2013 Direction TV series
Borgen 2 2011 Direction TV series
Lykke 2011 Director TV series
Pagten 2009 Direction TV series
The Wild Swans 2009 Script DK/Feature
Through a glass, darkly 2008 Direction, Script Feature
The Summers 2008 Main screenwriter TV series
Store planer 2005 Direction DK/Feature
Doxa 2005 Editor Feature
The Eagle 2004 Direction TV series
Manden bag døren 2003 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Okay 2002 Direction DK/Feature
Help! I'm a fish 2000 Additional editing DK/Feature
Solen er så rød 1999 Editing DK/Short fiction
Forbudt for børn 1998 Direction DK/Feature
Love Fools 1998 Editing Feature
The last viking 1997 Direction DK/Feature
Ogginoggen 1997 Direction DK/Short fiction
Lykkefanten 1997 Direction DK/Short fiction
The Greatest Heroes 1996 Editing DK/Feature
Buldermanden 1995 Direction DK/Short fiction
Cykelhelten 1995 Editing DK/Documentary
Carl - My Childhood Symphony 1994 Editing DK/Feature
Hør nu synger stjernerne 1993 Direction DK/Documentary
Black Harvest 1993 Editing DK/Feature
Hjerter i slør 1992 Direction, Editing DK/Short fiction
Nat og dag - et moderne eventyr 1992 Editing DK/Short fiction
Bare løgn! 1991 Assistant director DK/Short fiction
Games 1990 Editing DK/Feature
Perfect world 1990 Editing DK/Experimental
Spring Tide 1990 Trailer DK/Feature
Retfærdighedens rytter 1989 Direction, Editing DK/Short fiction
Me and Mama Mia 1989 B-editor DK/Feature
Time out 1988 Additional editing DK/Feature
Ligusterkrigeren 1987 Direction, Script DK/Short fiction
Een gang strømer... 1987 B-editor TV series
Shot from the heart 1986 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Hole in one 1983 Editing DK/Short fiction
Harry Klog 1983 Editing DK/Documentary
The indecent ones 1983 Assistant editor DK/Feature
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