Veiled hearts

Jesper W. Nielsen, Denmark, 1992

46 min.DK/Short fiction

A film for young people in the series: »Return to Love«. Signe assists her mother in the old guest-house. Bjørn is her boyfriend, and to her the future seems good and happy. But suddenly Tobias turns up and causes disturbance. And at the same time an elderly, newly married couple arrives, whose intense and beautiful love awakens unknown feelings in Signe. Two men - whom will she choose?
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Original title Hjerter i slør
Danish title Hjerter i slør
Keywords Young people, Love, Love Triangle
Director Jesper W. Nielsen
Screenplay Mikael Olsen
Director of Photography Erik Zappon
Editor Jesper W. Nielsen
Sound Peter Mogensen
Composer Michael Friis, Øyvind Ougaard
Production designer Peter Grant
Appearance Inger Kristine Lak, Nikolaj Christensen, Bjarne Henriksen, Vera Gebuhr
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info 16 mm, Black/white, Sound
Danish theatrical release 03.04.1992
Cinemas Grand del af serien "Tilbage til kærligheden"
TV release 28.02.1993, DR
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Film & Lyd ApS
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Jesper W. Nielsen


Script Mikael Olsen


Executive producer Thomas Gammeltoft
Unit manager Tina Dalhoff


Cinematography Erik Zappon


Stills Natascha Thiara Rydvald


Editing Jesper W. Nielsen


Music Michael Friis
Music Øyvind Ougaard

Production design

Production design Peter Grant


Sound Peter Mogensen


Appearance Inger Kristine Lak
Appearance Nikolaj Christensen
Appearance Bjarne Henriksen
Appearance Vera Gebuhr
Appearance Jørgen Fønss
Appearance Kirsten Olesen

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