Thomas Gammeltoft

(1963 – )

Title Year Function Category
The Investigation 2020 Executive producer TV series
Vivarium 2019 Executive producer Feature
The House that Jack Built 2018 Executive producer DK/Feature
Border 2018 Executive producer Feature
Thelma 2017 Co-executive producer Feature
Broen 3 2015 Executive producer TV series
Rodløs 2014 Producer DK/Short fiction
Good People 2014 Producer Feature
Waltz for Monica 2013 Co-producer Feature
First Movers 2013 Co-executive producer DK/Short fiction
Volcano 2012 Executive producer Feature
Excuse me 2012 Producer DK/Feature
Rosa Morena 2011 Producer DK/Feature
Skyscraper 2011 Executive producer DK/Feature
Min pinlige familie og mutantdræbersneglene 2010 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Hush Little Baby 2009 Producer DK/Feature
Lulu & Leon 2009 Producer TV series
Kristian 2009 Executive producer TV series
Terribly Happy 2008 Producer DK/Feature
Necrobusiness 2008 Producer Documentary
Album 2008 Producer TV series
Linas kvällsbok 2007 Co-producer Feature
Rene hjerter 2006 Beruset kok, Executive producer DK/Feature
Fidibus 2006 Fuld producent, Producer, Executive producer DK/Feature
Kinamand 2005 Politimand, Producer DK/Feature
Mørke 2005 Production DK/Feature
Kvindeliv 2005 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Oh Happy Day 2004 Production DK/Feature
Popular Music 2004 Executive producer Feature
Stealing Rembrandt 2003 Vagabond, Producer DK/Feature
Shake it all about 2001 Production DK/Feature
Lykkelige omstændigheder - 1. del 2000 Producer DK/Documentary
Lykkelige omstændigheder - 2. del 2000 Producer DK/Documentary
Lykkelige omstændigheder - 3. del 2000 Producer DK/Documentary
The magus 1999 Production DK/Documentary
El niño que quería ser oso 1999 Producer DK/Short fiction
Vejen hjem 1998 Production DK/Documentary
Mor(d) i mødregruppen 1998 Producer DK/Short fiction
De kære familier 1998 Executive producer TV documentary
Lise Roos: pictures of a life 1998 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Hemmeligheder 1997 Production DK/Short fiction
Fik du set det, du ville? 1997 Producer Series (documentary)
Fik du set det, du ville? Del 1 1997 Executive producer TV documentary
Fik du set det, du ville? Del 2 1997 Producer TV documentary
Fik du set det, du ville? Del 3 1997 Producer TV documentary
Fik du set det, du ville? Del 4 1997 Producer TV documentary
Himlen er vores grænse - kvinder i Pakistan 1996 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Lovestoreys 1996 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Gensyn med Johannesburg 1996 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Energi som leg 1996 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Minder på skinner 1996 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Frikvarteret 1995 Producer DK/Documentary
Sommaren 1995 Executive producer Feature
Two families in Denmark 1994 Producer DK/Documentary
Min elskede 1994 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Odyssé 1994 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Mellem bjergene og havet 1994 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Som et strejf 1993 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Flâneur 1993 Executive producer DK/Experimental
Enerum 1993 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Velkomst 1993 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Got a light? 1993 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Ankomst 23:30 1992 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Hjerter i slør 1992 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Nøgen 1992 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Brev til Jonas 1992 Executive producer DK/Short fiction
Liv - et billeddigt 1991 Producer DK/Experimental
Et billede af mit liv - om Rigmor Mydtskov 1990 Direction, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Et løjerligt eventyr 1989 Direction, Script DK/Short fiction
Epidemic 1987 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
I love you 1987 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Den store oprydning - en film om asbestnedrivning 1986 Production DK/Documentary
Natterytter 1986 Editing DK/Short fiction
The Wolf at the Door 1986 Production assistant DK/Feature
Ballade i byrådet 1985 Production assistant DK/Short fiction