Lars von Trier, Denmark, 1987

106 min.DK/Feature

Only nominally the second part of a trilogy, which began with "The Element of Crime", 1984, and was concluded with "Europa", 1991, this is Lars von Trier''s story of a screenplay-in-the-works that tells about an epidemic that proceeds to turn real. A typical von Trier tongue-in-cheek conceit: Although shot on colour stock, only a rare blink of a red dot brightens the film''s somber world of black and white.
Basic information Credits Music Materials
Original title Epidemic
Danish title Epidemic
Director Lars von Trier
Screenplay Lars von Trier, Niels Vørsel
Producer Jacob Eriksen
Director of Photography Henning Bendtsen
Editor Lars von Trier, Thomas Krag
Sound Peter Englesson, Thomas Krag, Niels Vørsel
Composer Peter Bach, Richard Wagner
Production designer Peter Grant
Appearance Lars von Trier, Niels Vørsel, Claes Kastholm Hansen, Susanne Ottesen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Scala Film
International sales TrustNordisk
Technical info 35 mm (o, Normal, Black/white, Sound
Danish theatrical release 11.09.1987
Cinemas Dagmar Verdenspremiere i Cannes 14.5.1987.
Find more Troels Degn Johansson: Mise en obscène. "Lars von Trier", red. Troels Degn Johansson m.fl. Sekvens, Filmvidenskabelig årbog 1991, 87-107.
Lars Bo Kimergård: Epidemic og virkeligheden. "Lars von Trier", red. Troels Degn Johansson m.fl. Sekvens, Filmvidenskabelig årbog 1991, s. 109-121.
Ole Bornedal: Professor von Triers lukkede laboratorium. Levende Billeder 6/1987.
Bo Green Jensen: Triers trøffel. Tusind Øjne 101/1987.
Lene Nordin: En film er en film er en film - eller er den? Kosmorama 180/1987.
Danish rating Children under 16 not admitted
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Production company Element Film
Domestic distribution Scala Film


Direction Lars von Trier


Script Lars von Trier
Script Niels Vørsel


Producer Jacob Eriksen
Production manager Per Årman


Cinematography Henning Bendtsen
Camera assistant Jesper Find
Key grip Leif Barney Fick
Key grip Søren Danielsen

Electrical dept.

Electrical dept. Leif Barney Fick
Electrical dept. Søren Danielsen
Assistant lighting technician Thomas Gammeltoft


Editing Lars von Trier
Editing Thomas Krag


Music Peter Bach
Music Richard Wagner

Production design

Production designer Peter Grant


Wardrobe Manon Rasmussen


Makeup Søren Hedegaard
Makeup Bibbi Bergholdt


Sound Peter Englesson
Sound Thomas Krag
Sound Niels Vørsel

Special effects

Special effects Søren Gam


Appearance Lars von Trier
Appearance Niels Vørsel
Appearance Claes Kastholm Hansen
Appearance Susanne Ottesen
Appearance Cæcilia Holbek
Appearance Olaf Ussing
Appearance Ole Ernst
Appearance Udo Kier
Appearance Jan Kornum Larsen
Appearance Allan de Waal
Appearance Michael Gelting
Appearance Colin Gilder
Appearance Svend Ali Hamann
Appearance Ib Hansen
Appearance Anja Hemmingsen
Appearance Kirsten Hemmingsen
Appearance Gert Holbek
Appearance Jørgen Christian Krüff
Appearance Gitte Lind
Appearance Leif Magnusson
Appearance Gunner Ottesen
Appearance Lennart Pasborg
Appearance Leif Sabro
Appearance Tony Shine
Appearance Michael Simpson
Appearance Thorkild Tønnesen
Appearance Mik Skov

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