Little Allan – The Human Antenna

Amalie Næsby Fick, Denmark, 2022

80 min.DK/FeatureChildren's films

When Little Allan’s parents get divorced, and he has to move to a whole new town, his desperate search for new friends suddenly finds him acting as a human antenna for his elderly, UFO-obsessed neighbor. As a telepathic alien girl, Britney, crash-lands and they have to help her get home, a unique friendship is formed. But he isn’t the only one interested in Britney. A mad taxidermy-collector is on her trail in an attempt to answer the age-old question: Is there life in space, and can he stuff it?
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title Lille Allan - Den menneskelige antenne
Danish title Lille Allan - Den menneskelige antenne
Director Amalie Næsby Fick
Screenplay Thomas Porsager, Amalie Næsby Fick
Producer Trine Heidegaard, Thomas Heinesen
Editor Anders Skov
Sound Oskar Skriver, Bo Asdal Andersen
Composer Andreas Arenholt Bindslev
Production designer Teddy Halkier Kristiansen
Casting Tine Sætter-Lassen
Production country Denmark
Danish audio description Yes
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S
International sales TrustNordisk
Danish theatrical release 21.07.2022
Comment Amalie Næsby Fick graduated as animation director from the National Film School of Denmark in 2016. She made her debut as feature director with 'The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear' (2017), which premiered at the Berlinale, and she made her serial debut with 'Sex' (2020), also selected for Berlin.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Nordisk Film Production
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje
In collaboration with Wil Film, Pop Up Production, YouSee, DR
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S


Direction Amalie Næsby Fick
Casting Tine Sætter-Lassen


Screenplay Thomas Porsager
Screenplay Amalie Næsby Fick
Storyboard Daniel Dion
Storyboard Martin Skov
Storyboard Mads Themberg
Storyboard Jakob Foged
Storyboard Lars Hummelshøj
Script consultant Kasper Kalle
Script consultant Clara Mendes
Script consultant Jesper Fink
Concept Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen


Executive producer Henrik Zein
Executive producer Erik Wilstrup
Line producer Morten Stahlhut
Line producer Louise Barkholt
Producer Trine Heidegaard
Producer Thomas Heinesen
Production manager Mads B. Tuxen
Post-producton coordinator Marie-Louise Westring Madsen
Post-producton coordinator Maggie Winther Hansen
Producer's assistant Ida Bräuner
Producer's assistant August Colding


Editor Anders Skov
Assistant editor Jeppe Løje Rasmussen
Assistant editor Mathias Helmuth Mortensen


Composer Andreas Arenholt Bindslev
Music supervisor Emilie Skovgaard Sørensen

Production design

Production designer Teddy Halkier Kristiansen


Sound engineer Oskar Skriver
Sound designer Bo Asdal Andersen
Dialogue recording Nino Jacobsen
Dialogue recording Matias la Cour
Foley artist Torben Greve
Foley recordist Niels Arild
B-sound designer Christian Dalsgaard
Mixer Oskar Skriver
Mixer Bo Asdal


Voice Louis Næss-Schmidt
Voice Sofie Torp
Voice Jesper Christensen
Voice Anders W. Berthelsen
Voice Peter Frödin
Voice Sara Fanta Traore
Voice Nicolaj Kopernikus
Voice Bodil Jørgensen

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Daniel Silwerfeldt
Lead compositing Rasmus Møbius
Compositing Daniel Silwerfeldt
Lead lighting David René Christensen
Lighting Troels Christoffersen
Lighting Daniel Silwerfeldt
Visual concept Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Technical chief Jimmi Gravesen
Online Kristian Hansen
Colorist Peter Diemar
Graphic design Lasse Bistrup Strøm
Digital mastering Thomas Caspersen
Digital mastering Sarah Drewsen


Art director Daniel Silwerfeldt
Modelling supervisor Toke Rasmussen
Animation supervisor Stine Marie Buhl
Animation Stine Marie Buhl
Animation Luca Fattore
Animation Claus Darholt
Animation Christoffer Andersen
Animation Kristina Silkjær
Animation Sebastian Hannibal
Animation Laura Konradi Brodersen
Animation Søren Hornshøj Krøjsgaard
Animation Jakob Baltzersen
Animation Torben Søttrup
Animation Søren Bro Sparre
Animation Michael Helmut Hansen
Technical artist Benjamin Brokop
Previsualization Henrique Heráclio
Previsualization Benjamin Brokop
Previsualization Anne-Marie Sølling Kristensen
Previsualization Søren Bro Sparre
Previsualization Michael Kristiansen
Asset supervisor Toke Uthaug Rasmussen
Lead rigger Sabrina Juul Børgesen
Rigger Yuliya Shvets
Character modelling Kristoffer Nissen
Set modelling Anders Kirkegaard Sørensen
Character grooming Simon Dilling Hansen
Model artist Yuliya Shvets
Model artist Josefine Clante
Model artist Ursula Damgaard Pedersen
Model artist Anna Rueskov Schleicher
Model artist Jeff Hindsbøl Hansen
Character design Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen
Design Elio Lischetti
Design José Martinez

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