Tiny Death

Kaspar Munk, Denmark, 2005

11 min.DK/Short fictionFilm school films

Christian is 12 years old. He and his best friend, Jesper, have been invited over to Janus, an older boy from school. From the moment the boys enter Janus' house, Christian feels as if he is entering a mysterious world. In the cellar, Janus reveals a boa constrictor. He lowers the snake into a maze of comic books and lets loose a rat between the books. Christian and Jesper thumb through a stack of pornographic magazines while waiting for the rat to be eaten. Christian disappears into an erotic novella and doesn't realize what is happening, until the snake strikes the helpless rat. Shocked, he flees upstairs, where another encounter awaits. For Christian everything becomes overwhelming as well as an essential step towards puberty.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title En lille død
Danish title En lille død
Other titles Tiny Death
Keywords Boys, Snakes, Puberty
Director Kaspar Munk
Screenplay Kaspar Munk
Producer Sonny Lahey
Director of Photography Søren Bay
Editor Wiebe van der Vliet
Sound Mikkel Sørensen
Composer Nicolai Land
Production designer Lisbeth Burian
Appearances Philip Varlev, Michael Lundbye Slebsager, Oliver Miehe-Renard, Elisabeth von Rosen
Production country Denmark
Production companies Super16, No Sun Productions
Domestic distribution Spor Media
Technical info 16:9, color, Stereo
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11


Production companies Super16, No Sun Productions
Domestic distribution Spor Media


Direction Kaspar Munk
Assistant director Per Frandsen
Continuity Joanna Zofia Bard Mikolajczyk


Script Kaspar Munk


Producer Sonny Lahey
Production assistant Rikke Gjerløv Hansen
Production assistant Esben Birk Mortensen


Cinematography Søren Bay
Camera assistant Mikaël Meisen-Dietmann
Key grip Jens Peder Pedersen
Clapper/loader Maria Lomholt Thomsen

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Frank Omø


Editing Wiebe van der Vliet


Music Nicolai Land

Production design

Production design Lisbeth Burian
Set dresser Thorkil Slebsager


Makeup Marianna Roa Wassberg


Sound Mikkel Sørensen
Boom operator Lars Bangsholt


Christian Philip Varlev
Jesper Michael Lundbye Slebsager
Janus Oliver Miehe-Renard
Kvinde Elisabeth von Rosen
Mand Ulle Bjørn Bengtsson
Pige Marie Søderberg
Pige Tine Søderberg

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