The Flame and the Cotton Ball

Niels Bisbo, Denmark, 2012

23 min.DK/Short fictionChildren's films, Animation

A little live flame lives in Fire land. He works hard in the noisy mines but he doesn't like it there. He would rather lie on his back, looking up in the sky daydreaming. One day he sees a strange white creature behind a rock. It looks like a living cloud in the shape of a girl. And this turns his world upside down. But the cloud-girl disappears, and his desire to look for her drives him out of Fire land. When he finally finds the girl, she proves to be made of a much harder fabric than her soft appearance. And she is not made of clouds but of cotton. The situation becomes critical as Flame falls in love with her. How can you be with someone who gets so easily burnt?
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Flammen og vattotten
Danish title Flammen og vattotten
Keywords Friendship, Falling in love, Dissimilarity, Boys, Girls
Director Niels Bisbo
Screenplay Paola Pellettieri
Producer Jacob Jarek
Editor Sara Reither, Rasmus Gitz-Johansen
Sound Mikkel Groos
Composer Rasmus Møldrup
Production designer Søren Tim Nordbo
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Production company Eye Candy Film, TSOMM Pictures
International sales Eye Candy Film Group ApS. / Wildersgade 32, 3. / 1408 København K
Danish festival release 10.09.2013, Cinemateket, Buster-festivalen
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Eye Candy Film, TSOMM Pictures
With support from Film i Skåne, Det Danske Filminstitut, DR Ramasjang


Direction Niels Bisbo


Screenplay Paola Pellettieri


Producer Jacob Jarek
Executive producer Stefan Fjeldmark
Executive producer Richard Georg Engström
Production manager Tone Tarding


Editor Sara Reither
Editor Rasmus Gitz-Johansen


Composer Rasmus Møldrup

Production design

Production designer Søren Tim Nordbo


Sound engineer Mikkel Groos


Flammen Nicolai Louis Vasquez Winther
Vattotten Iris Mealor Olsen
Ildfluen Bjarne Antonisen
Flammens ven #1 Laurids Skovgaard Andersen
Flammens ven #2 Jeppe Birkemose Leopold
Flammens ven #3 Oskar Holst Bonø
Vattottens veninde #1 Veronica Bitton-Aabling
Vattottens veninde #2 Frida Luna Roswall Mattsson
Vattottens veninde #3 Nina Birgitte Pedersen
Vattottens veninde #4 Fanny Bornedal


Character design Søren Tim Nordbo
Background designer Søren Tim Nordbo
Animator Mads Buch
Animator Jamie C. Holmes
Animator Ingeborg Dena

Awards and nominations

Award Year Festival
1st Prize, Animated Short Film 2013 Chicago Int. Children's Film Festival 2013

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2013-11-01
Chicago Int. Children's Film Festival 2013-10-25
Giffoni Film Festival 2013-07-19
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013-06-19
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