Frederik IX

235 min.TV series

In 1912, the 13-year-old Frederik becomes crown prince to Denmark. He lives a secluded life and has a difficult relationship with the king, Christian X, a dominant father and a traditional man. In society democracy is burgeoning and politicians aim take over the remaining power of the king. The struggle between the king and the politicians culminates in 1920, when the king, on the advice of the businessman H.N. Andersen, throws the monarchy into a constitutional crisis. A crisis that the crown prince witnesses
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Original title Frederik IX
Danish title Frederik IX
Director Thomas Roger Henrichsen, Kristian Sejrbo Lidegaard
Producer Dorthe Gad Thuemoes
Appearances Paw Terndrup, Mogens Holm, Sara Ulmer, Andreas Holm Dittmer
Production country Denmark
Production companies Danmarks Radio


Production companies Danmarks Radio


Direction Thomas Roger Henrichsen
Direction Kristian Sejrbo Lidegaard


Writer Sine Ivic
Writer Lone Leegaard
Writer Birgitte Lorentzen


Producer Dorthe Gad Thuemoes


Christian X Paw Terndrup
H. N. Andersen Mogens Holm
Dronning Alexandrine Sara Ulmer
Frederik IX (ung) Andreas Holm Dittmer
Frederik IX (voksen) Mathias Flint
Dronning Ingrid Sidsel Siem Koch

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