Happy End

Björn Runge, Sweden, 2012

97 min.Feature

A fairytale for adults, about five people who currently stands at the crossroad that forever will change the paths of their lives.Jonna, Peter, Katrine, Asger and Mårten are all people with an important liaison to one another, but who are avoiding to be truthful.They are all living in a world of shadows, lined by lies and falsities and are only waiting for the truth to appear so that they may be able to continue their lives in another direction.
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Original title Happy End
Danish title Happy End
Director Björn Runge
Screenplay Kim Fupz Aakeson
Producer Sisse Graum Jørgensen, Madeleine Ekman, Martin Persson
Director of Photography Ulf Brantås
Editor Lena Runge
Sound Henric Andersson
Composer Ebba Forsberg
Production designer Jette Lehmann
Casting Cecilia Torquato
Appearance Ann Petrén, Malin Buska, Gustaf Skarsgård, Johan Widerberg
Production country Sweden, Denmark
Production company Film i Väst, Zentropa Entertainments5
International sales
DFI subsidy Minor
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Production company Film i Väst, Zentropa Entertainments5


Direction Björn Runge
1st assistant director Antony Castle
2nd assistant director Cecilia Torquato
3rd assistant director Sandra Carlsson
Casting Cecilia Torquato
Casting assistant: extras Yvette Ramirez
Continuity Pia Tjäder


Script Kim Fupz Aakeson


Producer Sisse Graum Jørgensen
Producer Madeleine Ekman
Producer Martin Persson
Executive producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen
Executive producer Peter Garde
Co-producer Jessica Ask
Production manager Anders Claesson
Production coordinator Eva Englund
Production assistant Judith Katzeff
Location manager Stellan Runge
Location assistant Alexander Jonsson
Location assistant Pontus Fredrikson


Cinematography Ulf Brantås
First assistant camera Mimmo Hilden
Clapper/loader Lea Zuna


Stills Nille Leander


Gaffer Michael McDermott


Editing Lena Runge
Assistant editor Erika Gonzales


Music Ebba Forsberg


Production design Jette Lehmann
Props Lotta Bergman
Props Kristina Sandfors
Props Karin Gry
Assistant Jesper Clausen


Wardrobe Anna Karlsson
Costume assistant Eva-Lena Karlsson


Makeup Camilla Karlsson


Sound Henric Andersson
Boom operator Göran Edström
Boom operator Klas Engström


Stunt Martin Zetterlund


Jonna Ann Petrén
Katrine Malin Buska
Peter Gustaf Skarsgård
Asger Johan Widerberg
Mårten Peter Andersson
Hanne Mariah Kanninen
Richard David Dencik
Zidan Fredric Gildea
Nina Hanna Malmberg
Psykolog Anna Azcarate
Trafikskolelærer Stefan Cronwall

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