Film i Väst

Title Year Function Category
Vanskabte land 2022 Co-production DK/Feature
Berdreymi 2022 Co-production Feature
Riget Exodus 2022 Co-production
Triangle of Sadness 2022 In collaboration with Feature
Verdens verste menneske 2022 Production company Feature
Utvandrarna 2022 Co-production Feature
Holy Spider 2022 Co-production DK/Feature
Walad min al-Janna 2022 Co-production Feature
Apstjärnan 2021 Co-production Feature
Children of the Enemy 2021 Co-production Documentary
De uskyldige 2021 Co-production Feature
Bellum - The Daemon of War 2021 Co-production Documentary
Margrete den Første 2021 Co-production DK/Feature
Smagen af sult 2021 Co-production DK/Feature
Den vesle grå ulv - Sommerfest 2020 With support from Short fiction
Druk 2020 Co-production DK/Feature
Rejsen til Utopia 2020 Co-production DK/Documentary
Unga Astrid 2019 Co-production Feature
The Kindness of Strangers 2019 Co-production DK/Feature
Vem? II 4:8 – Vems kompis? 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Mugge & vejfesten 2019 In collaboration with DK/Feature
Vem? II 7:8 – Vem är sjuk? 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Vem? II 5:8 – Vem städar inte? 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Vem? II 8:8 – Vem är var? 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Ser du månen, Daniel 2019 Co-production DK/Feature
Vem? II 3:8 – Vems bebis? 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Selvmordsturisten 2019 Co-production DK/Feature
Vem? II 2:8 – Vem är ensam? 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Cold Case Hammarskjöld 2019 Co-production DK/Documentary
Hvítur, hvítur dagur 2019 Co-production Feature
Vem? II 6:8 – Vem är bäst? 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Ut og stjæle hester 2019 Co-production Feature
Parning 2019 Co-production Documentary
Vem? II (Oversigt) 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Vem? II 1:8 – Vem sover inte? 2019 Co-production Series (fiction)
Hjertelandet 2018 In collaboration with DK/Documentary
X&Y 2018 Co-production Feature
Mordene i Kongo 2018 Co-production Feature
Rekonstruktion Utøya 2018 Co-production Documentary
Journal 64 2018 Co-production DK/Feature
The Raft 2018 Co-production Documentary
Holiday 2018 With support from DK/Feature
Charmøren 2018 Co-production DK/Feature
Håbet 2018 Co-production TV series
The House That Jack Built 2018 Co-production DK/Feature
Tom of Finland 2017 Co-production Feature
Cairo Confidential 2017 Co-production Feature
Du forsvinder 2017 Co-production DK/Feature
Wolf and Sheep 2017 Co-production DK/Feature
Borg vs McEnroe 2017 Co-production Feature
The Square 2017 Co-production Feature
Thelma 2017 Co-production Feature
Darling 2017 Co-production DK/Feature
Måste gitt 2017 Executive Producer Feature
Kongens nei 2016 Executive Producer Feature
The Model 2016 Co-production DK/Feature
Der kommer en dag 2016 Co-production DK/Feature
Flaskepost fra P 2016 Co-production DK/Feature
Guldkysten 2015 Co-production DK/Feature
En man som heter Ove 2015 Executive Producer Feature
En chance til 2015 Co-production DK/Feature
Mænd og høns 2015 Co-production DK/Feature
The Swedish Theory of Love 2015 Co-production Documentary
Olmo and the Seagull 2014 With support from DK/Documentary
Miraklet 2014 Co-production DK/Feature
Rejsen til Fjerkongens Rige 2014 Co-production Feature
Kraftidioten 2014 Co-production Feature
I am Here 2014 Co-production DK/Feature
Fasandræberne 2014 Co-production DK/Feature
Pojken med guldbyxorna 2014 With support from Feature
Nymphomaniac Director''s Cut 2014 Co-production DK/Feature
Tänk om... 2014 Co-production Short fiction
Lev stærkt 2014 With support from DK/Feature
The Salvation 2014 With support from DK/Feature
En du elsker 2014 Co-production DK/Feature
Force Majeure 2014 Co-production Feature
Astons presenter 2013 In collaboration with Short fiction
Nymphomaniac 2013 Co-production DK/Feature
Ekspeditionen til verdens ende 2013 With support from DK/Documentary
The Weight of Elephants 2013 Co-production DK/Feature
Vi är bäst 2013 Co-production Feature
Hotell 2013 Co-production Feature
Monica Z 2013 Co-production Feature
Only God Forgives 2013 Co-production DK/Feature
Perfect Sense 2012 Co-production Feature
Prick och Fläck tandtrollar 2012 Co-production Short fiction
Happy End 2012 Production company Feature
Prick och Fläck Trycker till 2011 With support from DK/Short fiction
Prick och Fläck Sjön suger 2011 With support from DK/Short fiction
Prick och Fläck på Pricknick 2011 With support from Short fiction
Prik og Plet er Hemmelige 2011 With support from DK/Short fiction
Simon och ekarna 2011 Co-production Feature
Sønner av Norge 2011 Production company Feature
Prick och Fläck ser stjärnor 2011 With support from DK/Short fiction
Sebbe 2010 Production company Feature
Vem 2010 Production company
Blekingegade 2010 Co-production TV series
Sandheden om mænd 2010 With support from DK/Feature
Änglagård - Tredje gången gillt 2010 Production company Feature
Goryachie novosti 2009 Production company Feature
Till det som är vackert 2009 Production company Feature
Allt om min buske 2007 Executive Producer Feature
Leo 2007 Production company Feature
Linas kvällsbok 2007 Co-production Feature
Walk the Talk 2007 Production company Feature
Kim Novak badade aldrig i Genesarets sjö 2005 Production company Feature
Bredband 2004 Production company Short fiction
Alltid på en tisdag 2004 Co-production Short fiction
Elixir 2004 Production company Short fiction
Terrorister - en film om dom dömda 2003 Production company Documentary
Om jag vänder mig om 2003 Production company Feature
Muraren 2002 Production company Documentary
Fishy 2002 Production company Feature
Alla älskar Alice 2002 Production company Feature
Leva livet 2001 Production company Feature
Tsatsiki - Vänner för alltid 2001 Production company Feature
Gästgivargår''n 2001 Production company Documentary
Det nya landet 2000 Production company TV film
Jalla! Jalla! 2000 Production company Feature
Ungfrúin góða og húsið 1999 Production company Feature
Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen 1999 Production company Feature
Sjön 1999 Production company Feature
Freddie Wadling 1998 Production company Documentary
Öppna dörrar 1995 Co-production Short fiction