Jobtilbud i nazismens Tyskland

Elisabeth Rygård, Denmark, 1986

56 min.DK/Documentary

About 100,000 Danes went to Germany during the Occupation to find work. In principle it was a voluntary matter, but naturally the prospect of wage-earning employment was the main attraction. It was moreover in Denmark's interests that many Danes should take on civilian jobs because we needed coal and coke from Germany, and many Danish public authorities more or less directly encouraged Danes to seek work south of the border. There were not many Nazis or »pro-Germans« among these workers, but when they came back to Denmark, they were frowned upon. The film, which is drama-documentary in form, casts light on an aspect of the 1940-45 German Occupation of Denmark that is otherwise often overlooked.
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Original title Jobtilbud i nazismens Tyskland
Danish title Jobtilbud i nazismens Tyskland
Other titles Tysklandsarbejdere
Keywords Germany, Danes, The, Working people, Nazism, World War 2
Director Elisabeth Rygård
Screenplay Karsten Mathiasen, Therkel Stræde, Elisabeth Rygård
Director of Photography Katia Forbert Petersen
Editor Lizzi Weischenfeldt
Sound Peter Witt
Appearance Aksel Rasmussen, Frank Thustrup, Jeanette Madvig, Inger Dalsø
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Danish theatrical release 07.05.1986
Cinemas Delta
TV release 20.05.1986
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Danmarks Radio
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Elisabeth Rygård
Continuity René Clausen


Script Karsten Mathiasen
Script Therkel Stræde
Script Elisabeth Rygård


Production manager Finn Clausen
Production manager Barbara Kasper
Executive producer Finn Clausen
Production assistant Pernille Grøndahl
Production assistant Hanne Eriksen
Production assistant Anni Clausen


Cinematographer Katia Forbert Petersen
Camera assistant Merete Brusendorff
Key grip Kent Allan Beck

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Steen Dalin


Editor Lizzi Weischenfeldt
Assistant editor Jutta Fischer


Piano Camilla Marott

Production design

Set dresser Marie Louise Lauridsen


Wardrobe Susanne Haugland
Costume on set Susanne Haugland


Sound engineer Peter Witt


Carl Buch Jensen Aksel Rasmussen
Appearance Frank Thustrup
Appearance Jeanette Madvig
Appearance Inger Dalsø
Appearance Steen Dalin
Appearance Erik Engelsted
Appearance Helene Egelund

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