Jørgen Leth, Ole John, Denmark, 1969

17 min.DK/Experimental

The ABCinema group dispatched Jørgen Leth to make the arrangements with Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag, who good-naturedly put himself at their disposal. Relaxing on a bench in the garden of Copenhagen's Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Krag is scrutinised by camera-wielding collective members almost like a model in a life-drawing class. Every possible angle, distance and framing is tried. The result is an image of the prime minister that is both fragmented and multi-facetted, describing his visual appearance as a man and an icon. At the same time, the ABCinema members film each other filming Krag, which gives the film a highly self-reflective character. Like "The Deer Garden," this is a film about a film being filmed. A showdown with the documentary portrait genre, "Jens Otto Krag" is devised according to the principle of keeping the material alive by not editing it but randomly piecing it together.
Basic information Credits
Original title Krag-filmen
Danish title Krag-filmen
Other titles Jens Otto Krag, Kragfilmen
Director Jørgen Leth, Ole John
Director of Photography Jørgen Leth, Ole John, Stig Brøgger, John Davidsen, Peter Louis-Jensen, Bjørn Nørgaard, Niels Schwalbe, Erik Thygesen, Allan de Waal, Franz Ernst, Erik Crone, Peter Thorsboe, Troels Andersen
Sound Henning Christiansen
Production country Denmark
Technical info 8s, 1,37:1 Academy, color, Sound
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Production company ABCinema


Direction Jørgen Leth
Direction Ole John


Cinematography Jørgen Leth
Cinematography Ole John
Cinematography Stig Brøgger
Cinematography John Davidsen
Cinematography Peter Louis-Jensen
Cinematography Bjørn Nørgaard
Cinematography Niels Schwalbe
Cinematography Erik Thygesen
Cinematography Allan de Waal
Cinematography Franz Ernst
Cinematography Erik Crone
Cinematography Peter Thorsboe
Cinematography Troels Andersen


Sound Henning Christiansen

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