Franz Ernst

(1938 – )

Born 1938, Denmark. Film director, scriptwriter, editor, producer. The School of Arts and Crafts, advertising designer 1960-62. Chairman of the Board, The Association of Danish Film Directors, 1993, 1995 and 1998-1999. Festival Director of Odense Film Festival International, 1993 and 1995.

Has directed more than 40 feature films, short fiction, and documentary films. His first feature "Ang.: Lone"/"Re: Lone" (1970) is considered a milestone i Danish film paving the way for the realism of the 70's.

Title Year Function Category
The Shooter 2013 Original script DK/Feature
Historien bag kameraet 2006 Appearance TV documentary
Voices from Bolivia 2005 Editing DK/Documentary
Man Against Horse 2003 Direction, Stills DK/Documentary
Danish Girls Show Everything 1996 Direction DK/Experimental
Fyr og flamme 1994 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Short fiction
Domino 1991 Direction TV series
Mellem himmel og jord 1988 Direction, Script, Editing, Sound DK/Documentary
The whole wide world 1986 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Documentary
Jimmy 1986 Direction TV film
Kometen 1986 Direction TV film
En verden der blegner 1984 Direction TV film
Pelota 1983 Editing DK/Documentary
Grønlandske kvindearbejder 1982 Direction, Executive producer DK/Documentary
Afbrudt møde 1982 Direction TV film
Gadeartister i New York 1982 Editing DK/Documentary
Nine months - a decision-making process 1982 Editing DK/Documentary
Supertanker 1981 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Documentary
Mændenes forbund 1981 Direction TV film
Peter Martins: A dancer 1979 Editing DK/Documentary
Destination Children 1979 Short version Documentary
Wild Fruit 1978 Short version Documentary
Bangladesh 1978 Short version Documentary
Troubadouren 1977 Direction TV film
The sharpshooter 1977 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The double man 1976 Direction, Script DK/Feature
En ægtemand 1976 Direction TV film
Dr. Lemmas problem 1975 Direction TV film
I Danmark er jeg død 1975 Direction TV film
Jo værre, jo bedre 1975 Direction TV film
Regnestykke 1975 Direction TV film
Good and evil 1975 Editing DK/Experimental
Stykvis 1974 Script TV series
Different memories 1973 Direction DK/Documentary
Privatlivets fred 1973 Direction, Script TV film
Kina i Danmark 1972 Direction, Editing DK/Documentary
Livet er en drøm 1972 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Træt i trafikken 1972 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Documentary
Ang.: Lone 1970 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Folk High School Journal 1969 1969 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Documentary
Hashish 1969 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Documentary
Krag-filmen 1969 Cinematography DK/Experimental
The man who could not sleep 1968 Direction, Editing DK/Short fiction
Whose child are you? 1967 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Documentary
Hvor hurtigt er for hurtigt? 1967 Direction, Editing DK/Documentary
Murmel 1965 Direction, Script, Editing TV film
Flygtning 1963 Direction, Editor, Screenplay DK/Documentary