Jacob Kragelund, Denmark, 2018

40 min.Series (documentary)

On the 11th of November 2010 the 40-year old businessman and con artist Henrik Haugberg Madsen disappears without a trace. Two men, Bo Madsen and Claus Stokholm Larsen, are sentenced for murder although the police never managed to find a body. Have the police and the justice system made serious mistakes? Is Henrik dead or does he hide somewhere abroad? Have two innocents been convicted of a murder that has never been committed?

This case is unique in the Danish history of law. In the new true-crime documentary series Journalist Jacob Kragelund is searching for answers through 6 thrilling chapters. In his research he finds vital evidence that the police did not manage to find in their investigation. The new evidence reveals the truth of the disappearance of Henrik Haugberg Madsen.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lejemorderen
Danish title Lejemorderen
Part of Drabet uden lig (oversigt)
Director Jacob Kragelund
Director of Photography Kristian Friis
Editor Christian Dalsgaard, Ole Grønbæk
Sound Rune Thuelund, Troels Fløe Kristensen
Composer Nicklas Schmidt
Production country Denmark
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Production company
Executive Producer TV2
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Jacob Kragelund
Continuity Maja Grønbæk
Continuity Katrine Skipper
Continuity Kristoffer Fuglsang
Continuity August Møller Fogh
Continuity Mia Thylkjær
Continuity Gustav Thyrri Rostgaard
Continuity Mads Smidstrup


Editorial board Morten Mouritsen
Editorial board Jeppe Facius
Editorial board Kristian Jessen
Editorial board Anders Peter Mathiasen
Production manager Kathrine Fuglsang
Executive producer Lars Høj


Cinematographer Kristian Friis
First assistant camera Martin Binnerup
First assistant camera Sarah Ø. Würtz
First assistant camera Bjørn Fabricius
First assistant camera Lau Haslund Andersen
First assistant camera Tue Skals
First assistant camera Sturla Brandth Grøvlen


Editor Christian Dalsgaard
Editor Ole Grønbæk


Composer Nicklas Schmidt


Sound designer Rune Thuelund
Sound designer Troels Fløe Kristensen

Visual effects

Graphic design Jakob Eriksen
Grading Jakob Eriksen

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