Losers United 5:6

Jesper Rofelt, Denmark, 2015

14 min.TV series

Welcome to Kløver School! The school where everything revolves around soccer and being the best - two things that suit 14-year-old Oscar quite well, as he is the star of the school's soccer team. But Oscar's status and popularity are seriously challenged when the tyrannical and power-hungry coach KØTER expels him from the team. As punishment, he places Oscar on the most unsuccessful media team - together with the other 'losers'!
A war is declared: Oscar is on a special mission to make Køter bite the dust so he can return to the soccer team. It is not something Oscar can do alone, so he gets Anna, Malou, and Youssef from the media team to help him. They quickly become fed up with his smartass style, though. But they simultaneously develop a taste for filming and discover the power the camera gives them.

The 4 outsiders gradually become good friends and even Oscar realises that they are stronger together than apart.
'Losers United' is a comedy-drama series about 4 students, who discover that even though you are marked a loser, you can also be a winner.
Basic information Credits
Original title Losers United 5:6
Danish title Losers United 5:6
Director Jesper Rofelt
Screenplay Rune Schjøtt-Wieth, Jannik Tai Mosholt
Producer Tanja Paik, Julie Friis Walenciak, Jesper Rofelt
Director of Photography Kasper Wind
Editor Esben Bay Grundsøe
Sound Lars Halvorsen
Composer Caroline Castell, Lasse Lyngbo
Production designer Peter de Neergaard
Casting Tine Sætter-Lassen
Appearance Søren Malling, Martin Høgsted, Birthe Neumann, Oliver Sonne
Production country Denmark
TV release 14.12.2015, TV 2
Online release 17.12.2015
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Made In Valby, TV2, Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Jesper Rofelt
Casting Tine Sætter-Lassen


Idea Jesper Rofelt
Screenplay Rune Schjøtt-Wieth
Screenplay Jannik Tai Mosholt


Producer Tanja Paik
Producer Julie Friis Walenciak
Producer Jesper Rofelt


Cinematographer Kasper Wind
Steadicam Torben Meldgaard Andersen


Editor Esben Bay Grundsøe


Composer Caroline Castell
Composer Lasse Lyngbo

Production design

Production designer Peter de Neergaard


Sound engineer Lars Halvorsen


Køter Søren Malling
Kiksen Martin Høgsted
Skoleinspektøren Birthe Neumann
Oscar Oliver Sonne
Anna Annabella Høeg Sørensen
Youssef Ibrahim Alexis Anitason
Malou Caroline Grigo Wedel-Heinen

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