LoveSex - tales of young 5:6

Anja Kvistgaard Marott, Denmark, 2017

8 min.Series (documentary)

''LoveSex - tales of young'', is a partly animated documentary series consisting of six short films each 6-8 minutes long, where you are let into a sensual universe of honest stories about love and sex told directly by young people to young people. In the six short films young people talk about personal experiences from their own love life, in order to reach the target audience in an intense and direct way, which unleashes personal and authentic emotions and identification.

The imagery consist also of personal I-phone footage and abstract interpreted animated scenes, which give the audience a unique opportunity to get close to the feeling of being young, in love and curious about sex.
In each film the documentary sequences work as a springboard to the animated interpretations entering into imagination and the abstract world of sexual experience. These animated sequences are inspired by visual art and fantasy.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lovesex - fortællinger om kærlighed og sex 6:6
Danish title Lovesex - fortællinger om kærlighed og sex 6:6
Part of LoveSex - tales of young
Keywords Denmark, Young people, Love, Sex, Sexuality, Men, Homosexuality, Homosexuals, 2010-2019
Director Anja Kvistgaard Marott
Producer Mette-Ann Schepelern
Director of Photography Anja Kvistgaard Marott
Editor Bobbie Esra G. Pertan
Sound Roar Skau Olsen, Mikkel Groos
Composer Troels Abrahamsen
Appearance Nadezhda Klimenko, Tobias Jarret, Chaimae Birech, Oliver Andreas Reinhold Stoltz
Production country Denmark
Online release 17.05.2018, Filmcentralen
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company
Executive Producer Magma Film & tv
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Undervisningsministeriet, TV2, Den Vestdanske Filmpujle v/Carsten Holst og Steen Risom, Anis


Direction Anja Kvistgaard Marott


Story and research Mette-Ann Schepelern


Producer Mette-Ann Schepelern
Production manager Anders Berthelsen
Production manager Maria Stokholm Wernicke
Production manager Julie Peitersen


Cinematographer Anja Kvistgaard Marott
First assistant camera Thomas Marott
First assistant camera Henrik Bohn Ipsen
First assistant camera Martin Ulrich


Still photographer Kasper Thorup Løftgaard


Editor Bobbie Esra G. Pertan
Pilot editor Morten Egholm


Composer Troels Abrahamsen


Sound Anja Kvistgaard Marott
Sound designer Roar Skau Olsen
Sound designer Mikkel Groos

Visual effects

Colourist Mathieu Durand
Graphic design Torsten Høgh Rasmussen


Animator Denis Chapon
Animator Corentin Monnier
Animator Rasmus Brinck
Animation Mark Hedehus Kjærgaard


Appearance Nadezhda Klimenko
Appearance Tobias Jarret
Appearance Chaimae Birech
Appearance Oliver Andreas Reinhold Stoltz
Appearance Jacob Schjødt
Appearance Rikke Krogh

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