Life of Flemming

Ole Stenum, Denmark, 2001

13 min.DK/Short fiction

A movie about how the fear of death can lead to a fear of life. Flemming and the Meaning is the story of a hypochondriac who is told he''s going to die. Instead of becoming distressed by the news, he becomes extremely happy and at peace with himself, pleased to finally have convinced the world that the illness he''s suffering from truly is terminal. But is it true? Is he actually about to die? Can he trust the doctor''s dire diagnosis? We all have a Flemming inside of us - some of us just find it more difficult to control him than others.... The movie is a tribute to life, and the joie de vivre that can be lost if one gets too preoccupied with death.
Basic information Credits
Original title Meningen med Flemming
Danish title Meningen med Flemming
Keywords Death
Director Ole Stenum
Screenplay Nikolaj Arcel, Ole Stenum
Producer Bo Ehrhardt
Director of Photography Jens Jakob Thorsen
Editor Kasper Leick
Sound Claus Krainer, Hans Møller
Composer Flemming Nordkrog
Production designer Vibeke Brinck
Appearance Bjarne Henriksen, Henning Jensen, Zlatko Buric, Charlotte Munk
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
Technical info 16 mm, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 10.12.2001
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Nimbus Film
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Ole Stenum


Script Nikolaj Arcel
Script Ole Stenum


Producer Bo Ehrhardt


Cinematography Jens Jakob Thorsen


Stills Troels Jeppe Houstrup


Editing Kasper Leick


Music Flemming Nordkrog

Production design

Production design Vibeke Brinck


Wardrobe Helle Nielsen


Makeup Vibeke Georgi
Makeup Henrik Torp


Sound Claus Krainer
Sound Hans Møller


Flemming Bjarne Henriksen
Dr. Kjær Henning Jensen
Thomas Zlatko Buric
Birgitte Charlotte Munk
Jonas Lukas Toya
Katja Charlotte Juul

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