Me and my family

Anja Hauberg, Denmark, 2012

DK/DocumentaryChildren''s films

"My family and I" is a series of portraits of five to seven year old kids, spread across today''s Denmark. Each portrait tells a story about its main character and how he or she is experiencing and managing the world and everyday life with their parents. The main characters of the films are all children who grow up in families, which in one way or another have a life that differs from what we normally see.This doesn''t necessarily mean that none of them are a part of a nuclear family with a father, a mother, siblings, a home and garden. But something in the setting of the children''s life stands out in a way that affects their view of themselves and their conditions. How will Frida feel when her father, who is a soldier, soon will be send off to war - again? For Jonas whose parents are divorced, which means he has two homes. For Victor, whose mother is blind or for Josephine who has two fathers, but no mother?
Basic information Credits
Original title Mig og min familie
Danish title Mig og min familie
Other titles Danni, Sisse, Villads, Ida, Amalie, Martha, Ronja, Frederik, Hassan
Keywords Children, Families, Living conditions, Denmark, 2010-2019
Director Anja Hauberg
Producer Thomas Heurlin
Director of Photography Lars Skree
Editor Yrsa Wedel, Ida Bregninge
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Danish festival release 17.09.2012, CinemaxX, samt Palads 19. september og Cinemateket 22. september - BUSTER-festivalen 2012
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
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Production company
Co-production Koncern TV- og Filmproduktion


Direction Anja Hauberg
Casting assistant Line Braune


Producer Thomas Heurlin
Production manager Signe Birket-Smith
Consultant Ulla Søe


Cinematography Lars Skree


Editing Yrsa Wedel
Editing Ida Bregninge

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