My Little Dog Maestro 10:10 – Hero of the Day

Maria Mac Dalland, Denmark, 2019

6 min.Series (fiction)

Autumn has come. Thomas and Maestro are out for a walk, when they spot a little dog out in a lake, whimpering and almost drowning. Thomas jumps into the ice cold water and recues the little dog. As it’s freezing, Thomas rushes back home to get the dog warmed up, leaving Maestro behind. Feeling overlooked, Maestro grumpily walks around the lake – but when he spots another dog in the lake – this time a puppy, he reluctantly jumps in to save him and brings him back to the house. It turns out that the dog and the puppy are in fact mother and child, and they are homeless. But when Thomas' friend, the local Grocer, hears that there are two homeless dogs in the village, he kindly adopts them, and for once, a selfless Maestro, realises that helping others can make you a hero.
Basic information Credits
Original title Min lille hund Mester 10:10 – Dagens helt
Danish title Min lille hund Mester 10:10 – Dagens helt
Part of My Little Dog Maestro
Director Maria Mac Dalland
Screenplay Oliver Winding
Producer Maria Stevnbak Westergren, Morten Kaufmann
Sound Mark Norup
Composer Jan Rørdam
Casting Lena Paaske
Appearance Søren Vinterberg, Wilder Kreutzfeldt, Mette Agnete Horn, Martin Buch
Production country Denmark
Online release 26.11.2019, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company
Executive Producer Toolbox Film
Co-production Ja Film, A. Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Den Vestdanske Filmpujle v/Carsten Holst og Steen Risom, DR Ramasjang, Creative Europe


Direction Maria Mac Dalland
Casting Lena Paaske


Screenplay Oliver Winding
Storyboard Rasmus Brinck


Producer Maria Stevnbak Westergren
Producer Morten Kaufmann
Co-producer Anders Berthelsen
Co-producer Anders Mastrup
Production manager Lise Uldbjerg Jørgensen
Production manager Julie Raunsmed Peitersen
Production manager Lin Jo Skytte


Composer Jan Rørdam


Sound designer Mark Norup

Visual effects

Concept designer Maria Mac Dalland
Colourist Ian Bach
Mastering Ian Bach


Animation Ingeborg Dena Faber
Animation Karen Rohde Johansson
Animation Rasmus Brinck
Design Signe Ravn


Appearance Søren Vinterberg
Appearance Wilder Kreutzfeldt
Appearance Mette Agnete Horn
Appearance Martin Buch

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