Run of the mill

Børge Ring, Denmark, 2000

8 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation

The sun rises and looks with curiosity at the planet and its inhabitants. Children play, grow up and themselves have children who play...The main character of the film, a young man, grows up inside a bubble. Narcotics have created a membrane around his soul. He cannot break out by himself, and even his gravely distressed parents are unable to reach him. His peers grow up to active social lives, while he, painfully lonely, continues to fly inside his narcotics bubble. On the ground, his former playmates, the mills, follow his flight. Yes, as a child he fought the mills and conquered them. But will he win the battle against the bubble?
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Run of the mill
Danish title Og møllen drejer
Other titles Børge Ring
Keywords Substance abuse
Director Børge Ring
Screenplay Børge Ring, Joanika Ring, Joanika Ring
Producer Willem Thijssen, Christine Thaarup
Director of Photography Dorte Bengtson
Editor Dorte Westh Lehrmann
Sound Ronald Nadorp, Jeroen Nadorp
Production country Denmark, Netherlands
Production company A. Film
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
International sales
Technical info color
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company A. Film
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Børge Ring


Script Børge Ring
Script Joanika Ring
Script Joanika Ring


Producer Willem Thijssen
Producer Christine Thaarup


Cinematographer Dorte Bengtson


Stills Elisabeth Rønde Kristensen


Editing Dorte Westh Lehrmann


Sound Ronald Nadorp
Sound Jeroen Nadorp

Visual effects

Compositing Dorte Bengtson
VFX Dorte Bengtson


Animation Børge Ring
Animation Sara Koppel

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Awards and nominations

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Award Year Festival
Unicef Award 2000 Annecy, Festival Int. du Film d'Animation 2000

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Odense Internationale Film Festival 2001-08-13
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2001-04-06
Göteborg International Film Festival 2001-01-26
Busan International Film Festival 2000-10-06
Annecy, Festival Int. du Film d'Animation 2000-06-03
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