Pervert Park

Lasse Barkfors, Frida Barkfors, Denmark, 2014

75 min.DK/Documentary

Florida Justice Transitions looks like any other American trailer park. Only discreet electronic ankle tags and sporadic vandalism bear witness to the fact that the residents are all convicted sex offenders. From misdemeanours to monstrous crimes. And in a state with tough laws, this means in practice that the inhabitants are condemned to a life in isolation from society. The park's residents are left to themselves to find out what comes after crime and punishment. The film lends a human face to an outcast community of demonised sex offenders - and forces us to take sides in a moral dilemma, which is more profound and complex than one possibly feels like being reminded of. For no matter whether the residents themselves are victims, one inevitably asks oneself if there are some things that can not - or should not ? - be forgiven.
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Original title Pervert Park
Danish title Pervert Park
Keywords USA, Florida, Social exclusion, Sexual assaults, Criminals, Sexual assaults, Sex offenders, Pervert Park, Children
Director Lasse Barkfors, Frida Barkfors
Screenplay Frida Barkfors, Lasse Barkfors
Producer Frida Barkfors, Anne Köhncke
Director of Photography Lasse Barkfors
Editor Signe Rebekka Kaufmann, Lasse Barkfors
Appearance William Fuery, Tracy Hutchinson, James Broderick, Don Sweeney (II)
Production country Denmark, Sweden
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Production company Final Cut for Real ApS
Co-production De Andra AB
With support from Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Lasse Barkfors
Direction Frida Barkfors


Screenplay Frida Barkfors
Screenplay Lasse Barkfors


Producer Frida Barkfors
Producer Anne Köhncke


Cinematographer Lasse Barkfors


Editor Signe Rebekka Kaufmann
Editor Lasse Barkfors


Music Julian Winding


Appearance William Fuery
Appearance Tracy Hutchinson
Appearance James Broderick
Appearance Don Sweeney (II)
Appearance Patrick Naughton
Appearance James Turner
Appearance William Heffernan
Appearance Nancy Morais

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