This Room

Pejk Malinovski, Denmark, 2018

9 min.Interactive projectsVirtual reality

A virtual-reality installation is set up where two participants at a time can sit on a bench in a narrow room, wearing a VR headset. It is based on refugees' memories of the real-life transit zones and rooms they have occupied while waiting to hear the verdict on their asylum application. The installation is a memory-based mapping of the rooms refugees have passed through and stayed in for longer or shorter periods of time since they left Copenhagen Central Station and practically disappeared from the media spotlight.
Basic information Credits
Original title This Room
Danish title This Room
Director Pejk Malinovski
Screenplay Pejk Malinovski
Production country Denmark
Comment Selected for IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling. Using the immediate sensory visual universe of virtual-reality technology, the participants are given a very real sense of the psychological stress, fear and uncertainty that dominate the transit experience of many refugees. Pejk Malinovski lives and works in New York.
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Production company


Direction Pejk Malinovski


Script Pejk Malinovski


Production Pejk Malinovski

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