The Soldier

Nikolaj Møller, Denmark, 2021

58 min.DK/Documentary

Henrik, a Danish war veteran, returns to Denmark with post-traumatic stress syndrome after his second deployment in Afghanistan. After various failed treatment attempts he moves deep into the Amazon jungle trying to cure himself with plant medicine, including the world’s most halogenic drink, Ayahuasca. The film follows Henrik’s fight in the jungle over three years, offering a close-up of a broken human being, a man let down by the same society he tried to protect, on a journey that doesn’t cure him the way he had hoped.
Basic information Credits
Original title Soldaten
Danish title Soldaten
Keywords Veterans, South America, Euphoriants, Traumas, 2010-2019
Director Nikolaj Møller
Producer Lina Flint
Director of Photography Nikolaj Møller
Production country Denmark
International sales DR International Sales
Comment A directorial debut by Nikolaj Møller, a renowned still and fashion photographer.
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Production company Nordisk Film / SPRING


Direction Nikolaj Møller


Producer Lina Flint


Cinematographer Nikolaj Møller

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