Kassandra Wellendorf, Denmark, 2010

92 min.TV seriesChildren's films, Animation

The film takes place in a universe of laundry, water, foam and soap bubbles. The characters are children's clothes. On their way through washing and drying, the clothes act out typical children's conflicts about friendships, setting boundaries, bullying and loneliness. The chaotic washing process is used as a symbol of kindergarten and pre-school experiences. In a washing machine different clothes are thrown together. They may match in colour or shape, but not in other ways.
Basic information Credits
Original title Storvask
Danish title Storvask
Other titles Storvask, Forsvundet, Vaskepletter, Tøjlapper, Gemmeleg, Farveskift, Drillehandsken, Kogevask, Pjaltetøj, Tigersokker, Larm, Ishav, Udklædning, Hemmeligheden, Hvem er stærkest, Fodboldstrømper, Sulten Sweater, Sovetryner, Vrideleg, Grafitti, Fanget i puden, Vækkeleg
Included titles Storvask - Fanget i puden
Storvask - Farveskift
Storvask - Flyvesokken
Storvask - Fodboldstrømper
Storvask - Forsvundet
Storvask - Gemmeleg
Storvask - Graffiti
Storvask - Hemmeligheden
Storvask - Hvem er stærkest
Storvask - Ishav
Storvask - Kogevask
Storvask - Larm
Storvask - Pjaltetøj
Storvask - Sovetryner
Storvask - Sulten sweater
Storvask - Sæbebobler
Storvask - Tigersokker
Storvask - Tøjlapper
Storvask - Udklædning
Storvask - Vaskepletter
Storvask - Vrideleg
Storvask - Vækkeleg
Director Kassandra Wellendorf
Screenplay Jacob Wellendorf, Merete Pryds Helle, Betina Birkjær
Producer Peter Engel
Director of Photography Niels Grønlykke
Editor Lars Bo Kimergård, Elisabeth Colding, Jacob Wellendorf
Sound Morten Dalsgaard
Composer Morten Dalsgaard
Casting Ziska Szemes
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Zentropa
Technical info color
Danish festival release 16.09.2010, Buster Filmfestival
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Zentropa Entertainments
Domestic distribution Zentropa


Direction Kassandra Wellendorf
Director: animation Erling Budde
Assistant director Erling Budde
Assistant director Amalie Tjellesen
Casting Ziska Szemes


Script Jacob Wellendorf
Screenplay Merete Pryds Helle
Screenplay Betina Birkjær


Producer Peter Engel
Line producer Charlotte Vinther
Unit manager Trond Clemmentsen
Post-producton coordinator Svenne Friis
Assisting producer Eva Jakobsen
Assisting producer Julie Friis Tolstrup
Producer's assistant Simon Jacobsen
Production manager Morten Iversen
Production assistant Heine Kaarsberg


Cinematography Niels Grønlykke
Cinematographic supervisor Casper Høyberg

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Mogens Otte
Gaffer Niels Dose


Editor Lars Bo Kimergård
Editor Elisabeth Colding
Editor Jacob Wellendorf
Assistant editor Amalie Westerlin Nielsen
Assistant editor Thomas Byskov


Music Morten Dalsgaard


Sound designer Morten Dalsgaard
Additional sound Jens Valo Danielsen


Animator Ludovic Berardo
Animator Florian Perinelle
Animator Charlotte Worsaae
Animator Christine Polis
Animator Karoly Papp
Compositor Thomas Banner
Compositor Cedrik Roger Gérard Marquis
Compositor Thomas Pors
Compositor Jesper Banner
Character design Jeanne Betak
Character design Line Hanggaard Nielsen
Rigger Anders Jønsson
Rigger Rikke Bjerre
Assistant rigger Cayetanah Cuyas
Assistant rigger Cecilie Skov
Puppeteer Carl Press
Puppeteer Sune Otterstrøm
Technical coordinator Mikkel Palmbo
Technical support Simon Løvind
Technical support Thomas Dyg
Technical support Nikolaj Trnka
Technical support Simon Kirketerp
Technical support Simon Munk
Shake consultant Henrik Bach Christensen

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