Niels Dose

Title Year Function Category
Unruly 2023 Gaffer DK/Feature
Robotbror 2022 Gaffer DK/Feature
Out of the Darkness 2022 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Christmas Family 3 – And the Pixie Hotel 2021 Gaffer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Father of Four and the Vikings 2020 Gaffer DK/Feature
Gooseboy 2019 Gaffer DK/Feature
Hacker 2019 Gaffer DK/Feature
Mom Squad 2019 Gaffer DK/Feature
Hunting Season 2019 Gaffer DK/Feature
Perfekte steder 3 2019 Gaffer TV series
Iqbal & the Jewel of India 2018 Gaffer DK/Feature
Perfekte steder 2 2018 Gaffer TV series
What a Circus! 2017 Gaffer DK/Feature
Perfekte steder 1 2017 Gaffer TV series
Lyrikporten – 28 danske digtere 2016 Gaffer DK/Documentary
The Christmas Family 2 2016 Gaffer DK/Feature
Iqbal & The Superchip 2016 Gaffer DK/Feature
What We Become 2016 Gaffer, Gaffer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Ditte & Louise - Sæson 2 2016 Gaffer TV series
Love and other Catastrophes 2016 Best boy DK/Feature
Father of Four - on a Wild Holiday 2015 Gaffer DK/Feature
A Second Chance 2015 Gaffer DK/Feature
Father of Four 2014 Gaffer DK/Feature
Familien Jul 2014 Gaffer DK/Feature
Dicte 2 2014 Gaffer TV series
Bankerot 2014 Gaffer TV series
Tidsrejsen 2014 Gaffer TV series
Rita 2 2013 Gaffer TV series
Tvillingerne & julemanden 2013 Best boy TV series
This life 2012 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Secret 2012 Gaffer DK/Feature
Julestjerner 2012 Gaffer, Best boy TV series
Hemmeligheden 1:4 2012 Gaffer TV series
Hemmeligheden 3:4 2012 Gaffer TV series
Hemmeligheden 2:4 2012 Gaffer TV series
Hemmeligheden 4:4 2012 Gaffer TV series
Ludvig og julemanden 2011 Electrical dept. TV series
The Reunion 2011 Gaffer DK/Feature
Bob Bob Bølle Bob 2010 Gaffer DK/Feature
Storvask 2010 Gaffer TV series
Storvask - Sæbebobler 2010 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Borgen 1 2010 Gaffer TV series
The Killing II 2009 Gaffer TV series
Pagten 2009 Gaffer TV series
Stykke for stykke 2009 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
The protectors 2008 Electrical dept. TV series
The Summers 2008 Gaffer TV series
Worlds Apart 2008 Gaffer DK/Feature
En enkelt til Korsør 2008 Gaffer DK/Feature
Hvid nat 2007 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor - brændende kærlighed 2007 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Killing 2007 Gaffer TV series
We shall overcome 2006 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Forestillingen om et ukompliceret liv med en mand 2006 Electrical dept. DK/Short fiction
Der var engang en dreng - som fik en lillesøster med vinger 2006 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Nynne 2006 Gaffer TV series
Father of Four 2005 Gaffer DK/Feature
Move Me! 2003 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Nightfall 2003 Electrical dept. DK/Short fiction
Til højre ved den gule hund 2003 Gaffer DK/Feature
Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself 2002 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Little People: Big Discoveries 2002 Gaffer TV series
Catch that girl 2002 Best boy DK/Feature
It''s All About Love 2002 Gaffer DK/Feature
Nikolaj og Julie 2002 Lighting TV series
One-hand clapping 2001 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
The Olsen gang junior 2001 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Grev Axel 2001 Best boy DK/Feature
Max 2000 Best boy DK/Feature
Unit 1 2000 Gaffer TV series
Antenneforeningen 1999 Electrical dept. DK/Short fiction
Falkehjerte 1999 Gaffer DK/Feature
Gone with the fish 1999 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Strisser på Samsø 1997 Best boy TV series
Smilla''s feeling for snow 1997 Best boy Feature
Destiny Hour 1997 Best boy: 2. unit DK/Short fiction
En loppe kan også gø 1996 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Ondt blod 1996 Best boy DK/Feature
Belma 1996 Key grip: 2. unit DK/Feature
Maðurin ið slapp at fara 1995 Electrical dept. Short fiction
Operation Cobra 1995 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
The End 1993 Best boy DK/Short fiction
2400 NV 1992 Sound DK/Experimental
The village 1991 Gaffer TV series
Banana busters 1990 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature