Luc Perez, Denmark, 2020

15 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation

Marstal 1913. Captain Albert Madsen has apocalyptic dreams. Dreams where men from his city suffer a cruel death on ships that are lowered or set on fire. Albert sees it for himself and he knows it will happen. As a captain, once in a dream he saw his own ship, Princess, perish. At that time, he could run from the galley to the helm with all his might and prevent the accident from happening. Albert Madsen is doomed to await World War I and the fulfillment of his nightmares in powerlessness and agonizing loneliness. Albert believes in man, in unity, community and the balance of everything. He struggles with a dizzying sense of the end of the world because of his visions.
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Original title Syner
Danish title Syner
Director Luc Perez
Screenplay Michel Fessler, Ingrid Skov
Producer Ellen Birgitte Riis
Director of Photography Bastien Meraud
Sound Yann Coppier
Composer Yann Coppier
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut, TV2/Fyn, Basmati Film
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Production company
Executive Producer Basmati Film
Co-production Masto Media
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, ARTE France, Marstal Søfartsmuseum
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut, TV2/Fyn, Basmati Film


Direction Luc Perez


Screenplay Michel Fessler
Screenplay Ingrid Skov


Producer Ellen Birgitte Riis
Co-producer Gitte Randløv
Production manager Thomas Cleve
Production assistant Dalva Skov
Production assistant Axel Skov


Cinematographer Bastien Meraud


Composer Yann Coppier

Production design

Set designer Christine Bechameil


Sound designer Yann Coppier


Kaptain Madsen Stig Rossen
Præst Klaus Søndergaard
Havet Chili Turèll
Voice Rune Magnus Kiersgaard
Voice Kristine Skytte Glue
Voice Selma Skytte Østerby
Voice Isabel Skytte Østerby
Voice Ruth Nøjgaard
Voice Andreas Kruger
Voice Silas Holmberg
Voice Alexander Dantoft
Voice Kristian Kraleau
Voice Eli Poulsen
Voice Preben Kruhöffer
Voice Niels Vestergaard
Voice Jørgen Kromann
Voice Heine Hestoy
Voice Erik Kromann
Voice Tommy Christensen

Visual effects

Compositing Luc Perez


Animator Luc Perez
Character design Luc Perez
Background designer Christine Bechameil

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