The children in Kabul

Jens Pedersen, Denmark, 2013

Series (documentary)

In the shadow of conflict the children in Kabul continue life for better or worse. Money is tight and many of them spend much of their time in the streets selling chewing gum, collecting paper and washing cars for the survival of their families. The five-film series portrays five children, who commute between work, family and a street school where they meet their friends. They share a happy-go-lucky attitude to the challenges of life and a desire to become someone.
Basic information Credits
Original title Tro Håb Afghanistan
Danish title Tro Håb Afghanistan
Other titles Faridullah's Day Off, Layla's Melody, Asadagha's Heart, Machgan's Resolve, Wali's Friend
Included titles Asadagha's Heart
Faridullah's Day Off
Layla's Melody: Faith Hope Afghanistan
Machgan's Resolve
Wali's Friend
Keywords Children, Living conditions, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2010-2019
Director Jens Pedersen
Screenplay Jens Pedersen, Taj Mohammad Bakhtari
Producer Jakob Gottschau
Director of Photography Taj Mohammad Bakhtari
Editor Jesper Osmund
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution DR
Online release 28.11.2013, Filmstriben
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Pedersen & Co Aps
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, DR, Danida
In collaboration with Undervisningsministeriets Tips- og lottomidler
Domestic distribution DR


Direction Jens Pedersen


Screenplay Jens Pedersen
Screenplay Taj Mohammad Bakhtari


Producer Jakob Gottschau
Consultant Maria Mac Dalland


Cinematographer Taj Mohammad Bakhtari


Editor Jesper Osmund
Additional editing Jens Pedersen


Music Paul Lawler


Voice Jacob August Ottensten

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