Jesper Zartov

Producer. Born 5/11 1977. Graduated from Aarhus University with a master in finance and international business in 2005.

Zartov has produced tv-series such as '2900 Happiness' (2009) and tv-shows such as 'Live from Bremen' (2011-13) and 'Danish Dynamite' (2013-14). He made his feature film debut as producer in 2015 with 'Klown Forever', the second chapter in the popular 'Klown'-franchise. Since then, he has produced 'Dan-Dream' (2017) as well as the final 'Klown' film 'Klown the Final' (2020).
Title Year Function Category
Klovn The Final 2020 Producer DK/Feature
Dan Dream 2017 Producer DK/Feature
Klown Forever 2015 Producer DK/Feature
Store drømme 2009 Executive producer TV series
2900 Happiness 2007 Executive producer TV series