Jytte Rex

(1942 – )

Born 1942, Denmark. Film director and established artist. Graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen. Besides a lifelong grant from the Danish Arts Foundation, Rex has been celebrated by audiences, critics and festivals worldwide. Her cinematic form is a very personal one; and her works have been compared to those of Andrej Tarkovskij.

The documentaries "Palle Nielsen - mig skal intet fattes"/"Palle Nielsen - I Shall not Want" (1998) and "Floden"/"The River" (2003), were awarded Best Film in their genre at the Odense Film Festival 2002 and 2003.

Title Year Function Category
Henning Larsen - Passages of Light and Space 2012 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen: Music is a Monster 2007 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Sound DK/Documentary
The voice of Iran 2006 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Pigen med fletningen 2005 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Sound DK/Documentary
Silk Road 2004 Direction, Script, Cinematographer DK/Feature
The River 2003 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Experimental
Palle Nielsen - mig skal intet fattes 2002 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Inger Christensen, The cicadas excist 1998 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Mirrors of the planet 1992 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Isolde 1989 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Den erindrende 1985 Direction, Script DK/Experimental
Belladonna 1981 Direction, Script, Producer DK/Feature
Achilleshælen er mit våben 1979 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Veronica''s veil 1977 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Sound, Producer DK/Experimental
Children of pain 1977 Appearance DK/Feature
The Sleeping Beauty 1971 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Editing, Sound DK/Experimental