Lars Jönsson

(1961 – )

Title Year Function Category
Vi är bäst 2013 Producer Feature
Melancholia 2011 Co-producer DK/Feature
Mammoth 2009 Producer Feature
Antichrist 2009 Co-producer DK/Feature
De unge år 2007 Co-producer DK/Feature
Direktøren for det hele 2006 Co-producer DK/Feature
Manderlay 2005 Co-producer DK/Feature
Zozo 2005 Executive producer Feature
Next Door 2005 Co-executive producer Feature
Masjävlar 2004 Production Feature
A Hole in My Heart 2004 Production, Producer Feature
Dogville 2003 Co-executive producer DK/Feature
Skagerrak 2003 Executive producer DK/Feature
Lilja 4-ever 2002 Production Feature
Catch that girl 2002 Co-producer DK/Feature
It's All About Love 2002 Co-producer DK/Feature
Prop & Berta 2001 Co-executive producer DK/Feature
Tillsammans 2000 Producer Feature
A Summer tale 2000 Producer Feature
Dancer in the Dark 2000 Co-executive producer DK/Feature
Fucking Åmål 1998 Production Feature
Lucky People Center International 1998 Producer Documentary
Love Fools 1998 Producer Feature
H.C. Andersen og den skæve skygge 1998 Co-producer DK/Feature
Bara prata lite 1997 Production Short fiction
The last viking 1997 Executive producer DK/Feature
Harry & Sonja 1996 Production Feature
Breaking the Waves 1996 Executive producer DK/Feature
Änglagård 1992 Producer Feature