Lejf Marcussen

(1936 – 2013)

Born 1936. Filmdirector, animator. Educated at The Danish Designschool and The Royal Academy of Arts, Copenhagen. Since 1985, retrospectives of his work have been held in a dozen countries, including France, Spain, Israel, England, Canada, the United States and Norway.

In 1990, Marcussen won the Norman McLaren Heritage Award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Two years earlier, his film "The Public Voice" garnered awards at Annecy and six other festivals. A great explorer of different techniques, Marcussen makes films that borrow from musical structures rather than story structures.

Title Year Function Category
Angeli 2002 Direction, Script DK/Short fiction
Kulturmøde 1994 Direction DK/Experimental
Lucifers blyant 1992 Direction, Script DK/Experimental
The public voice 1988 Direction, Cinematography DK/Experimental
Babylon Blaster 1985 Direction DK/Experimental
Tone Traces 1983 Direction DK/Experimental
Sten 1982 Direction, Cinematography, Animation DK/Experimental
Ekko fra et brev 1982 Direction DK/Experimental
Maskedrifter 1981 Direction DK/Experimental
The Conducter 1978 Direction, Animation DK/Experimental
Stills 1978 Direction DK/Experimental
A Picture 1977 Direction DK/Experimental