Niels Viggo Bentzon

(1919 – 2000)

Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
To be or let be 1979 Appearance DK/Experimental
Dage i februar 1978 Music DK/Experimental
Violets are blue 1975 Piano DK/Feature
Orfeus og Julie 1970 Music DK/Experimental
Corny 1967 Direction, Assistent I, Script, Music DK/Experimental
Det tvungne giftermål 1967 Music TV film
B for block 1967 Music DK/Experimental
Venom 1966 Music DK/Feature
Forstyr ikke mine cirkler 1966 Music DK/Experimental
Ballet ballade 1962 Music DK/Experimental
Introduction to Denmark 1962 Music DK/Documentary
Your Name Is Woman 1961 Music DK/Documentary
Kai Nielsen 1960 Music DK/Documentary
What makes them run? 1958 Music DK/Documentary
Simba 1958 Music DK/Documentary
Vand fra Eufrat 1956 Music DK/Documentary
The Pattern of Co-Operation 1952 Music DK/Documentary
Alle mine skibe 1951 Music DK/Documentary
Pigen og Pan 1945 Music DK/Short fiction
Tyve raske Piger 1943 Music DK/Short fiction
A good recipe 1943 Music DK/Commercial
Go home and clean up 1943 Music DK/Documentary
Saa gik 75 Aar 1943 Music DK/Documentary
Music Year Film Function
Ubekendt titel 1975 Violer er blå Piano