Ole Schultz Jensen

(1944 – 2008)

Title Year Function Category
The Red Mantle 1967 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Onkel Joakims hemmelighed 1967 Cinematographer DK/Feature
Love Thy Neighbour 1967 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Røde Kors 1966 1966 Cinematography DK/Documentary
It's Nifty in the Navy 1965 Camera assistant DK/Feature
The Girl and the Playboy 1965 Camera assistant DK/Feature

As Ole Jensen

Title Year Function Category
Olsen bandens første kup 1999 Technical coodinator TV series
Up He Goes! 1966 Assistant director DK/Feature
Don Olsen comes to town 1964 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Gymnasiepigen 1960 Assistant director DK/Feature

As Ole Schultz

Title Year Function Category
Se dagens lys 2003 Camera operator TV film
Bånd på livet 2000 Cinematographer DK/Short fiction
Fusion 1997 Cinematography TV film
Renters rente 1996 Cinematography TV series
Mors dag 1996 Cinematography TV film
Lyse tider 1995 Cinematography TV film
Fæhår & Harzen 1995 Cinematography TV series
Stormfulde hjerter 1994 Cinematography TV film
Sofaholdet 1994 Cinematography TV film
En kærlig omstigning 1994 Cinematography TV film
Slaget på tasken 1993 Cinematography TV film
De skrigende halse 1993 Cinematography TV film
Mørklægning 1992 Cinematography TV series
Nepal 1-3 1992 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Superdame 1991 Cinematography TV film
Thomas - 20 år 1991 Cinematography TV documentary
The village 1991 Cinematography TV series
Kirsebærhaven 89 1990 Cinematography TV series
Falsk forår 1988 Cinematography TV film
Margrethes elsker 1987 Cinematography TV film
Hvad gør Wu Djing? 1987 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Sådan gør Wu Djing! 1987 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
En kinesisk børnehave 1987 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Eddie Holms andet liv 1986 Cinematographer TV film
Årets længste dag 1984 Cinematography TV film
Den store fest 1981 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Ludvigsbakke 1978 Cinematography TV film
Troubadouren 1977 Cinematography TV film
En enkelt til Waterloo 1976 Cinematography TV film
En landsbydegns dagbog 1975 Cinematography TV film
Mette alene hjemme 1975 Cinematographer TV series
Anna - en fattig piges eventyr 1973 Cinematography TV series
Nyheden 1972 Cinematography TV film
Sæsonen slutter 1971 Cinematography TV film
Kommunisten 1971 Cinematography TV film
Coal Trip 1970 Cinematography DK/Documentary
The devil on the wall 1970 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Hele den tyrkiske musik 1970 Cinematography TV series
Udsigt til gården og gaden 1970 Cinematography TV film
Whit sun 1969 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Give Me a Kiss 1969 Cinematography DK/Experimental
Soldier 1969 Cinematography DK/Documentary
The Stolen Feast 1968 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
This is Kuwait 1968 Cinematography DK/Documentary
The Russell Tribunal 1968 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Farvel, jeg hedder Kurt 1968 Cinematography TV series
Window Seat 1967 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Det nye Iran 1965 Cinematography DK/Documentary