A trip to Mars / Himmelskibet

Holger-Madsen (DK, 1918)

Himmelskibet ( Holger-Madsen, DK, 1918)

The navy captain Avanti Planetaros is inspired by his astronomer-father to travel through outer space to reach other worlds. He becomes an aviator and, along with the young scientist Dr. Krafft, the driving force behind the construction of a space-ship. Despite oppostion from the mocking Professor Dubius, Planetaros gathers a crew of fearless men and takes off. During the long voyage, the crew becomes restless; a mutiny is narrowly avoided. Finally, they reach Mars and discover that the planet is inhabited by people who have reached a higher stage of development, free of diseases, sorrow, violence, sexual urges, and the fear of death. Avanti falls in love with Marya, daughter of the Prince of Wisdom, the head of the Martians. Marya shares his feelings and decides to return with him in order to bring the wisdom of the Martians to the backward Earthlings.

CategoryDK/Feature - Silent films

Basic information

Danish titleHimmelskibet
Other titlesExcelsior
Director Holger-Madsen
Director of PhotographyLouis Larsen
Danish theatrical release22.02.1918
Production countryDenmark
Duration81 min.
Production companyNordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Fotorama
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Additional information

Technical info1993 meters / 35 mm / Normal / black/white / Silent
Danish ratingAllowed for all

Full credits

Ole OlsenScript
Louis LarsenCinematography
Nicolai NeiiendamProfessor Planetaros, astronom
Gunnar TolnæsAvanti Planetaros, marinekaptajn
Zanny PetersenCorona, Avantis' søster
Alf BlütecherDr. Krafft, Avantis' ven
Svend KornbeckDavid Dane, amerikaner
Philip BechVisdommens ældste
Lilly JacobssonMarya, Visdommens datter
Frederik JacobsenProfessor Dubius
Birger von Cotta-SchønbergOrientalsk medrejsende i Excelsior
Harald MortensenEn ophidset telegrafist
Alfred OsmundEn Mars-præst
Nils AstherMars-beboer
Peter JørgensenAppearance
Aage LorentzenAppearance

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