End of Night

David Adler, Denmark, 2021

Interactive projectsVirtual reality

1943. You are sitting in a boat with Josef. He is rowing from Nazi-occupied Denmark to safety in neutral Sweden. As the boat crosses the ocean, the sea gives way to the streets and people that populate his mind. Your journey together becomes a living landscape of painful recollections from the night of his escape. As dawn draws near, you will witness the trauma of escape and the guilt of surviving – when loved ones are left behind.
Basic information Credits
Original title Nattens ende
Danish title Nattens ende
Director David Adler
Screenplay Hans Frederik Jacobsen
Producer Mikkel Skov
Sound Mads Michelsen
Appearance Jens Jørn Spottag, Niklas Herskind, Lea Gregersen, Lars Brygmann
Production country Denmark
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Production company
Executive Producer Makropol
Co-production Novelab


Direction David Adler
Technical director Bastian L. Strube


Screenplay Hans Frederik Jacobsen


Producer Mikkel Skov
Executive producer Mads Damsbo
Co-producer Paul Mezier


Sound designer Mads Michelsen

Interactive crew

Art director Gustav Pontoppidan


Josef Jens Jørn Spottag
Josef, ung Niklas Herskind
Sarah Lea Gregersen
Dokter Lars Brygmann
Fisker kaptajn Rudi Køhnke
Fisker Aske Bang
Politibetjent Troels Thorsen
Eva Natalie Nitchey

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