David Adler

Director. Graduated as animation director from the National Film School of Denmark in 2014.

Adler won the animation prize at Odense International Film Festival with his graduate short 'No Man's Land' (2014). Since then, he has directed a number of VR projects, including 'Taste of Hunger' (2020), the companion piece to Christoffer Boe's feature film of the same name, and 'End of Night' (2021). Both projects were selected for competition in the VR section at Venice Film Festival. 'End of Night' won the prize for best VR story.
Title Year Function Category
Shadow 2022 Direction, Screenplay Interactive projects
End of Night 2021 Direction Interactive projects
A Taste of Hunger – VR 2021 Direction, Screenplay Interactive projects
Get Santa 2016 Assistant director DK/Feature
Sort 2014 Direction, Screenplay DK/Short fiction
Adieu Interessant Film Club 2008 Appearance DK/Experimental