Ole Bornedal, David Adler, Denmark, 2022

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SHADOW is a realistic virtual reality experience based on the British air raid against the Shell House on March 21 1945, during which a calamity led to the accidental bombing of Institut Jeanne d’Arc. The raid caused the death of more than 120 individuals, 86 of whom were children.
Basic information Credits
Original title Skyggen
Danish title Skyggen
Director Ole Bornedal, David Adler
Screenplay David Adler, Ole Bornedal, Mads Damsbo
Producer Mikkel Skov
Editor Claudia Bille Stræde
Sound Mads Michelsen, David Segal
Appearance Caspar Phillipson, Jefferson Bond
Production country Denmark
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Production company Miso Film


Direction Ole Bornedal
Direction David Adler
Technical director Benjamin Bække
Technical director Valdemar Danry
Technical director Ollie Lindsey


Screenplay David Adler
Screenplay Ole Bornedal
Screenplay Mads Damsbo


Executive producer Mads Damsbo
Executive producer Peter Bose
Executive producer Jonas Allen
Producer Mikkel Skov
Co-producer Ollie Lindsey
Co-producer Lars Hemmingsen


Editor Claudia Bille Stræde


Music Marco Beltrami
Music Ceiri Torjussen
Music Buck Sanders


Sound designer Mads Michelsen
Sound designer David Segal
Mixer David Segal

Visual effects

Graphic design Gustav Pontoppidan
VFX design Will Young

Interactive crew

Art director Gustav Pontoppidan
3D artist Henrique Heráclio
3D artist-assistant Paprika Christiansen
Creative transition technologist Lars Hemmingsen


Reggie (Skipper) Caspar Phillipson
Navigator Jefferson Bond

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