A Taste of Hunger – VR

Christoffer Boe, David Adler, Denmark, 2021

Interactive projectsVirtual reality

A kaleidoscopic journey through a woman's marriage where the audience decides which moments they wish to enter. Using VR headsets, the audience is surrounded by fragments of a life lived, crystallising into crucial and ever-changing memories. The VR project is a companion piece to Boe's feature film 'A Taste of Hunger' (2021), about Maggie and Carsten who have gambled everything to win a Michelin star for their restaurant, while trying to keep their family together.
Basic information Credits
Original title Smagen af sult – VR
Danish title Smagen af sult – VR
Director Christoffer Boe, David Adler
Screenplay Christoffer Boe, David Adler
Producer Mikkel Skov
Composer Mikkel Maltha, Anthony Lledo
Production designer Piotr Winiwicz
Production country Denmark
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Production company Makropol
Co-production Zentropa Entertainments3
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Christoffer Boe
Direction David Adler
Technical director Balder Brusch


Screenplay Christoffer Boe
Screenplay David Adler


Producer Mikkel Skov
Executive producer Mads Damsbo
Executive producer Louise Vesth
Co-producer Antoine Cayrol
Producer's assistant Arnaud Colinart


Composer Mikkel Maltha
Composer Anthony Lledo

Production design

Art director Gustav Pontoppidan
Production designer Piotr Winiwicz
Set dresser Anette Hvidt


Recording engineer Nino
Foley artist Torben Greve

Visual effects

Graphic design Åsmund Sollihøgda

Interactive crew

3D artist Viljam Smed
Lead photogramitry manager Pavel Saulins
Assistent photogramitry manager Lulian Drug
Creative transition technologist Carl Emil
3D lighting Carl Emil
Network manager Simon Kattler
Animation Viljam Smed
Lead volumemetric manager Peter Hjorth

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