See Me As I Am

Louise Leth, Denmark, 2022

71 min.DK/Documentary

15-year-old Rima dreams of doing the things her peers can. But it turns out that dreams can become difficult to realize. It is becoming more and more clear to Rima that she must stand by herself and find her own path despite her autism diagnosis.
Rima tries to navigate the Danish education system but encounters more and more closed doors as her opportunities become smaller.
Rima's mother, Fatme, is her faithful support. She has been there for Rima every day throughout her life. Fatme has a chronic heart condition and is aware that she won’t be able to be there for Rima forever. She encourages Rima to keep pursuing her dreams and tries to support her daughter as much as possible.
Rima and her older sister Soad also have a very tight relationship. But Soad has grown up, are soon to getting married and going to move.
Rima and her best friend Sarah from the special eds class are always there for each other. They comfort each other when life is tough and together, they try to graps and understand their surroundings and situation as kids who throughout their lives have been perceived as ‘different’.
As Rima approaches her 18th birthday, she must slowly learn to become more independent, and find out where her special strengths are.
Basic information Credits
Original title Se mig som jeg er
Danish title Se mig som jeg er
Keywords Girls, Young women, Autism, Identity, Education, Special education, Mother-daughter relationship, Friendship, 2020-2030
Director Louise Leth
Screenplay Louise Leth
Producer Miriam Nørgaard
Director of Photography Maggie Olkuska, Louise Leth
Editor Sofie Steenberger
Sound Andreas Sandborg, Johannes Rose, Diana Queirós
Composer Johan Carøe, Sofie Birch
Appearance Rima Ali
Production country Denmark
Online release 06.09.2022, Filmcentralen
Comment A heart warm coming-of-age film that takes us on Rima’s journey to find her place in society and life. It is seeking to acknowledge the qualities in every human being. It raises the question if our societies are flexible enough when it comes to young people with diagnoses, and if we risk losing too many young people in the increased demands of our modern societies.
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Elk Film
With support from New Danish Screen, DR


Direction Louise Leth
Director supervisor Sybilla Tuxen


Screenplay Louise Leth


Producer Miriam Nørgaard
Associate producer Kasper Lykke Schultz
Executive producer Andreas Dalsgaard
Associate producer (development) Sofie Husum Johannesen
Producer's assistant Kiril Schjørring


Cinematographer Maggie Olkuska
Cinematographer Louise Leth
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Julie Bezerra Madsen
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Jonathan Damborg
Drone operator Tao Ahler


Editor Sofie Steenberger
Editing supervisor Ulla Hæstrup
Editing supervisor Andreas Dalsgaard
B-editor Thor Ochsner
Editor: development Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt
Assistant editor Jakob Evers


Composer Johan Carøe
Composer Sofie Birch


Sound designer Andreas Sandborg
Sound engineer Johannes Rose
Sound engineer Diana Queirós

Visual effects

Colorist Andreas Dalsgaard
Graphic design Maria Tran


Appearance Rima Ali

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