Gigis, Denmark, 2023

81 min.DK/FeatureAnimation

Hassan is tired of Denmark, as he often experiences discrimination. So when he hears that an oil sheik has bought the island of Bornholm and turned it into a Middle Eastern holiday paradise solely for foreigners, he immediately goes there. But is paradise too good to be true?
Basic information Credits
Original title Shabholm
Danish title Shabholm
Director Gigis
Screenplay Troels Unneland, Sorena Sanjari, Christoffer Krustrup
Producer Daniel Mühlendorph, Ulaa Salim
Editor Daniel Sanjari
Sound Troels Unneland, Stefan Garfield Rasch Holm
Composer Troels Unneland
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S
Danish theatrical release 31.08.2023
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Hyæne Film
With support from New Danish Screen, DR
In collaboration with Nordisk Film Distribution A/S
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Distribution A/S


Direction Gigis


Screenplay Troels Unneland
Screenplay Sorena Sanjari
Screenplay Christoffer Krustrup
Storyboard Johan Kaas
Storyboard Daniel Sanjari


Producer Daniel Mühlendorph
Producer Ulaa Salim
Production manager Adrian Hosseinpour
Executive producer Daniel Mühlendorph
Executive producer Ulaa Salim
Executive producer Keld Egelund
Executive producer Flemming Hansen
Post Producer Annette Averhoff


Editor Daniel Sanjari
Facility manager Thomas Caspersen
Trailer editor Troels Unneland


Composer Troels Unneland


Sound designer Troels Unneland
Sound designer Stefan Garfield Rasch Holm
Mixer Stefan Garfield Rasch Holm
Mixer Teis Syvsig
Dialogue recording Troels Unneland


Voice Adrian Hosseinpour
Voice Besir Zeciri
Voice Iben Hjejle
Voice Afshin Firouzi
Voice Jan Elhøj
Voice Kjeld Nørregaard
Voice Joakim Joe Tranberg
Voice Malthe Emil Kibsgaard
Voice Sally Munch Hansen
Voice Troels Unneland
Voice Daniel Sanjari
Voice Arian Kashef
Voice Sammy Germain Wadi


Illustrator Malthe Emil Kibsgaard
Animator Daniel Sanjari
Animator Camilla Pedersen
Animator Louise Hovgård
Animator Marie Eriksen
Animator Jennifer Alice Wright
Animator Camille Fabry
Animator Kristine Hjortholm
Animator Marc-Antoine Deleplanque
Animator Louise Clark
Animator Multara Al-Ameri
Animator Stefan Fjeldmark

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